Design Dissertation Topics

Design is all around us; the technology we use, the products we buy and the buildings we inhabit have all been carefully designed! That said, there is always more to be learned about the process and impact of design. Here are some dissertation topics suitable for an undergraduate or masters dissertation in design.


Graphic Design Topics

  • To study the cost-benefit analysis of hiring a graphic design firm for SMEs.
    Graphic design firms are expensive and small and medium-sized enterprises have limited funds. This topic focuses on evaluating if it is beneficial to hire a graphic design firm by SME.
  • To study the evolution of graphic design in 21st Century.
    Graphic design has evolved tremendously in the current century, first with the arrival of internet and then with social media. This topic studies this in detail.
  • To analyze the impact of the connection between design and emotional response it evokes.
    A beautiful design such as iPhone or MacBook can create an instant emotional connection with the product creating desire to own. This association between emotion and design will be systematically evaluated in this design dissertation.
  • To analyze the interconnectivity of graphic design and culture.
    It is said that culture impacts graphic design and vice versa design impacts culture as well but which is the dominant factor? The interconnectivity will be evaluated in this design dissertation.
  • To calculate the impact of graphic design in an advertisement.
    Design has evolved tremendously and so have advertisements with visual and interactivity becoming the key focus. This research will try to create a measurement tool to calculate this.

Fashion Design

  • To evaluate the impact of fast fashion on fashion design.
    Consumers are flocking to fast fashion products more than ever before; fashion designers today have to incorporate this in their design. This study is about the impact fast fashion has on fashion design.
  • To study the impact of online fashion shops on luxury fashion design.
    The number of people buying fashion online is growing exponentially, this research focuses on the impact of these online shops on luxury fashion design.
  • To analyze the ability of luxury fashion designers to revive luxury fashion post-pandemic.
    The demand for luxury fashion has dropped to an all-time low due to people staying indoors during pandemic. This research will analyze if the luxury fashion designers can revive demand once things return to normal.
  • To study the behavioural change on fashion consumers with regards to sustainability.
    As consumers become more conscious of environmental damage, does their behaviour change?
  • To study the change in fashion design due to the increase in the environmental awareness.
    As the customers become more conscious of the environmental issues, the fashion designers have to incorporate that in their design, but are they doing enough good job which will be analysed.
  • Study to evaluate the evolution of the personalized luxury fashion design.
    The niche segment of personalized fashion design can be insightful, and this study focuses on its evolvement.
  • To study the role of digital technology in fashion design.
    This will focus on changes in the fashion design owing to the changes in the digital technology.
  • To study the evolution of sports fashion design.
    Leading companies like Nike and Adidas are constantly changing the sports fashion and fashion design plays a major role in it.
  • The evolution of British fashion design over the years.
    Considered one of the best in the world, this research will focus on evolution of British fashion.

Product or Service Design

  • Study to analyze changes in the role of computer-aided design in the creation of product.
    CAD plays an important role in product design; this research will study and analyze this.
  • What is the role of customer interface design in consumer experience?
    This research will evaluate whether interface design increases or decreases or has no impact on consumer design.
  • To study the effectiveness of service blueprint design for the customer journey mapping.
    A blueprint of service design can be an effective way to map customer journey and this research studies its effectiveness.
  • How powerful is information visualization in service design?
    This research will evaluate the impact of information visualization in service design.
  • To evaluate the ‘missing’ link in the effectiveness of service design.
    Based on the research by Susan Meyer, Johnston and Rao this research investigates what are missing links in making service design effective.
  • A study to measure the value of product design on consumer buying intention.
    Does the buying intention alter with new product design and by how much?
  • To investigate the role of service dominant logic on the effectiveness of service design.
    The new tool service dominant logic is now widely used in service design, and this study will try to measure how effective it is.
  • To study the extent of the role played by product innovation in product design.
    Innovation is considered to be at the heart of new product design; this research will measure the impact it has on product design.
  • A case study to understand how Apple conquered the markets with their groundbreaking designs.
    Apple is considered a pioneer in product design and this research will reveal how it achieved market success through its designs.

Industrial or Interior Design

These topics focus on the interior design challenges relevant to the current times.

  • To study the impact of heritage on the future design of residential projects.
  • To investigate the impact of eco-friendly materials on the design of a commercial project.
  • To study the challenges faced in project design in major emerging markets of India and China.
  • To understand the success factors of iconic industrial designs: case study of Dyson vacuum cleaners.
  • To study the challenges faced in new designs that facilitate working from home for professionals.
  • A study to develop common measures for the aesthetic appeal in the design of large commercial buildings.
  • A study to evaluate zero-waste design thinking.
  • To understand the role of innovation in design thinking.



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