Brexit Dissertation Topics

A dissertation topic is extremely significant. It is the first opportunity for the author of the dissertation to communicate to the reader and a wider audience what the dissertation is about, in just a few words.

Ideally, a good dissertation topic is one that is achievable within the specified period of time and particularly one that plays to the strengths of the student. It is one where the necessary data for its completion is accessible.

It is important that a good dissertation topic is selected because it encourages student interest in working on the dissertation and it helps the student to work within their capacity when completing the dissertation.

Brexit is a term given to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The impact on the UK of such a withdrawal is significant as the services sector (contributes 78% of UK GDP) is likely to be hit the hardest. This would have a negative impact on UK economic growth in the short-medium term and even the long-term.

The impact on the world will also be seen through slower global growth and increased protectionism, denting the progress of globalisation thus far.

There are various benefits of selecting a dissertation topic about Brexit:

  • The topic is generally relevant given the impact Brexit has already had on the economy and is predicted to have in the future
  • The necessary data on Brexit is out in the open, easily accessible and still current
  • The events around Brexit are continuously evolving; hence inspiring intrigue for further research


How will Brexit affect the UK financial services sector?

This topic aims at examining the impact that Brexit will have on the UK financial services sector given its position as a key contributor to the UK economy. A key issue of debate here is how the loss of ‘passporting’ rights, as a result of leaving the EU, will impact the industry and its players.

Exploring the impact of Brexit on capital markets; bond markets, equity markets and foreign exchange

The aim of this topic is to explore the impact that Brexit has already had, and will have, on the capital markets. This topic will examine how Brexit, and the high uncertainty it brings, impacts price movements within the capital markets, particularly the bond markets, equity markets and the foreign exchange market.

Examining the impact of Brexit on businesses in the UK

This topic aims at studying the impact that Brexit has on businesses in UK. This study is concerned with the impact on small, medium and large businesses from different sectors of the economy. Ideally, the impact will vary depending on size, amount of trade with EU, level of dependence on local market, source of investment / capital and other factors such as business model.

UK growth; the impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union

This topic aims at exploring the impact that Brexit has on the economic growth of the United Kingdom. This focuses on the impact of Brexit on the broader UK economic growth, comparing the growth rate prior to joining, growth rate during membership and forecasted growth rate with Britain outside the European Union. The topic also exploits the potential Brexit-related factors that may impact UK economic growth.

Will Brexit reduce immigration numbers without denting UK growth and trade prospects?

The main aim for this topic is to explore the claim that Brexit will reduce immigration numbers to Britain without significantly denting the economic growth in the UK and its trade prospects. Given the fact that immigration was a key point of debate during the referendum campaign, this topic will help explore the relationship between free movement of people, trade, and economic growth of a country.

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