Dissertation Articles

Dissertation Interim Report

How to write a successful Interim Report In many Bachelor and Masters subjects students will commonly be required to complete an Interim Report. The University will review the Interim Report to gauge the student's achievements to …

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Wrong Dissertation Topic – 5 warning signs!

There’s no worse feeling than realising that you may have chosen the wrong dissertation topic, especially after weeks of planning and meetings with your supervisor. But better now than later! If any or all of these …

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Bachelor Dissertation / Undergraduate Dissertation

Undergraduate Dissertation or Bachelor Dissertation While most discussions of ‘dissertations’ focus on postgraduate study, undergraduate students also frequently complete undergraduate dissertations as one part of their overall degree. This article will provide an overview of the undergraduate …

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How to Find a Good Dissertation Topic?

Have you ever been challenged with writing a dissertation for your undergraduate or graduate studies? If so, you will be all too aware of how difficult it can be to choose a good dissertation topic. Many individuals, particularly …

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