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Dissertation deadline looming? Need more time? These methods of getting a dissertation extension really work!

At some point at uni, all students will experience the nasty feeling of being late for an assignment. What can make this feeling worse is if the assignment in question is your dissertation? At this point, there will be two options; either work day and night with the aid of energy drinks and Pro Plus, or bite the bullet and ask for an extension. If the latter fills you with doubt, not to worry! We’ve got your back, with these 5 expert methods of getting a dissertation extension.

1. Be Prepared.

If you realize that you’re running late, it pays to offer your tutor a solution to the problem before asking for an extension. Make sure you are able to present the work you have completed so far and come equipped with a plan for how you will make up the lost time. Your tutor will be impressed with your forward-thinking and you’ll have an extension in no time!

2. Be Reasonable.

It’s worth coming up with an exact extension deadline before you ask your tutor. If you try asking for too long an extension, your tutor may suspect that you have not been working hard enough. Explain in detail why you need an extension and offer a specific deadline yourself – this will prove to your tutor that you’ve carefully considered your options.

3. Unavoidable Circumstances

If you find yourself in circumstances outside your control, make sure to ask your tutor for an extension as soon as possible. Having a part-time job, personal health problems and loss or bereavement are all genuine reasons for being granted a dissertation extension. If you explain your situation in good time, your tutors will take this into consideration for your dissertation.

4. Heavy Workload

Due to the amount of different courses and modules at university, most students will experience at least one timetable clash during their studies. Of course, the worst time for this to happen is when you are working on your dissertation! If you find yourself with multiple deadlines and start feeling stressed, go and see your dissertation supervisor – they should be able to extend your deadline to give you enough time to complete your work.

5. Come Clean (and sober!)

Although it may be hard to own up to your tutor, this is the most effective way of getting a dissertation extension. However, don’t be tempted to make up extravagant reasons for your lateness – lying has the potential to land you in even more trouble.

Keep it simple and tell the truth, your supervisor is much more likely to sympathise and grant you an extension.

You should plan what you’re going to say before going into the meeting, if you’re prepared with how you’re going to win over your tutor you will find it a lot easier to talk confidently. If you are confident, make your tutor laugh, throw a couple of jokes in about why you need an extension.

Don’t lie, but there’s no reason you can’t exaggerate a bit (for comical effect of course) so if you’ve had your heartbroken, fallen madly in love or had an illness you though would finish you off,  then have a joke! A laughing tutor is a tutor much more likely to give you an extension.

So, if you’re working on your dissertation but have a bad feeling you may struggle to meet the deadline, arrange a meeting with your tutor as soon as possible to discuss your options and put one or more of these methods into practice. Good luck!



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