Installments Policy

Customers of our paper writing service have the option to make payments in two installments for their Orders, provided that the total Order cost exceeds a certain minimum amount set by the company.

Excluded Categories of Projects

It is imperative to acknowledge that the payment method involving two equal installments is applicable to specific categories of projects and deadlines that exceed the established minimum Order amount of £400 (GBP). Orders falling below this threshold are not eligible for installment payments service.

First Installment

The first installment, representing a minimum of 50% of the total Order cost, is due at the time of Order placement. Clients retain the discretion to designate an initial payment surpassing 50%, with the specific amount to be decided by the client at the moment of initiating the first payment. The percentage of first installment equals the amount of work that will be delivered as a first part within the initial Order deadline.

Second Installment

The second installment, constituting the remaining balance of the Order price, is obligatory for payment once the first Order part is completed. The commencement of work on the second part of the Order will only take place once the full payment has been made. The customer is eligible to request revision of the first Order part prior to advancing to subsequent payment stages. For the procedural fulfillment of such a request and additional regulatory details, the customer may refer to the Revision policy.
Customers will receive a notification that the second payment is expected once the first part of the Order is delivered. Customers must ensure punctual payment to prevent any disruptions in Order processing.
Specifically, clients are required to remit the second installment once at least 50% of the provided deadline has passed or earlier.

By proceeding with the second installment, client implicitly acknowledges the acceptance of the initial phase of the Order, which may require minor revisions to the completed material exclusively. It is essential to note that, in these instances, a complete refund of 100% cannot be accommodated according to the  Money Back Guarantee.

Delays with the payment for the second installment may result in delays in the delivery of the completed order. More details are provided in section “Late Payment for Second Installment”.


The application of discounts or promotional offers is restricted to the comprehensive Order price.
Our system does not possess the capability to concurrently apply multiple discounts to individual translations or segmented components of an Order.
This formal revision underscores the procedure regarding the application of discounts to the complete Order price and underscores the limitation that only one discount is applicable per Order.

Late Payment for Second Installment

A late payment is defined as the failure to submit the second installment of payment within the specified timeframe, which is within 50% of the initial deadline passed.

Failure to make the second installment by the specified deadline may result in delays in the delivery of the completed Order. The assigned writer will cease all work on the Order until the client is ready to make the second payment and the initial deadline is extended sufficiently allowing the writer complete the order without compromising the quality of work.

In the event that a client is unable to submit the second payment within the stipulated timeframe, it is mandatory that they notify our support team in advance.
In instances where an Order is placed on hold prior to the receipt of feedback, the client is required to promptly submit the second payment along with feedback and the subsequent change in status to revision.

Should a client decline to proceed with the second payment, the Order will be halted, and only half of the Order will be delivered. The Order shall fall under the standard Revision policy.

Order Completion

The company will commence work on the Order upon successful receipt of the first installment. The Order will only be fully complete and delivered to the customer upon receipt of the second installment in full.

  • Clients are fully responsible for managing their time effectively, especially when selecting this payment option. It is essential to allocate sufficient time for potential revisions, should any changes be needed after the final delivery.
  • In the event that a client deems it necessary to request revisions for the initial portion of the Order prior to remitting the second installment payment, it is incumbent upon the client to assume the responsibility of extending the final submission deadline commensurately and extra time for revision compilation should be added.
  • In the event that a client requests a revision exclusively for the initial part of the comprehensive Order, such a request shall be classified as a revision. Consequently, this action will result in a reduction in the available number of free revisions. It is imperative to underline that the stipulated revision limit for the entire project is universally applicable to all Orders, regardless of the selected payment service, be it in installments or as a full sum.
  • In cases where revision instructions are found contradictory to the initially provided instructions, an additional payment may be requested, even if the revision pertains exclusively to the first part of the Order. More information can be found on Revision policy.

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