How to Make Your Dissertation Writing Fun: 3 Simple Rules

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The dissertation is the most pressurised assignment of a student’s life; it’s as simple as that. This can often mean that in amongst the stress and angst you grow resentful of the topic you chose, even questioning why you chose that topic in the first place!

Make it interesting!

You may think picking a topic that is intricate and complex will impress your supervisor, but if the topic puts you to sleep, it’s going to be difficult to write about! You don’t want your dissertation to turn into a punishment, becoming disillusioned with your topic will result in you not giving it the attention and diligence that it deserves.

Pick something that excites you and you generally want to find out more about! This will motivate you to keep going and research your topic. Remember you need to look at this on a day-to-day basis, so don’t pick anything full of doom and gloom. It won’t bode well for your mental wellbeing in the long run!

Search for as many resources as possible!

This is something that so often gets taken for granted.

A lot of students become overconfident in their research skills after three years of study and they assume that there will always be enough to read on a certain subject. Remember ‘familiarity breeds contempt’!

What students often fail to remember is that all module questions they have answered so far in their course have been chosen and set by their lecturers. Lecturers make sure that there are enough quality sources with which to do an appropriate level of research.

When you have a highly original topic, finding sources won’t be as easy. So don’t leave it to the last minute! Collect as much primary research as possible and deep dive into archives for secondary sources.

Focus on yourself, not others!

Your friends and peers are an important part of your academic life, we know that. However, they are not important in your decisions surrounding your dissertation.

Whilst it is good to have a reality check every now and again, whatever you do, do not obsess over how much work others have done in comparison to yourself. You are the master of your own destiny on this one and thinking about other people is only going to make you feel more stressed. You will be giving yourself unnecessary anxiety about something that you have no control over.

Work on your dissertation regularly, and you WILL finish the work – no matter how long it takes. There is no need to become fearful too early in the dissertation game, you have plenty of time! If you only have two days left with 8,000 words to do, then maybe you can worry (and reach out to services that can help you!) but before that, relax. You’ll survive.
A dissertation is not life or death and it certainly isn’t worth having sleepless nights over. If you follow these tips and do an hour of work a day after choosing your topic you will have absolutely no trouble creating a dissertation to be proud of.

Remember, you’re in your final year for a reason, because you’re good enough to do this. Good luck!



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