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Going on holiday as a student doesn’t always have to break the bank. A lot of cities across Europe are perfect for students, and they offer brilliant experiences too. Especially as Covid restrictions lift, you might be looking for your ideal holiday, and hopefully, this list will help! From Italy to The Netherlands, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to go next. Here’s our top 5 recommendations for a budget student getaway in Europe.


What’s better for the student lifestyle than twirling authentic Italian pasta in a hot country? If you’re bored of living off one-pot pasta in your uni halls, a trip to Rome might be what you need. It’s time to eat the good stuff!! Rome is full of delicious food, and there’s plenty to do too. Your trip could be perfect for sightseeing in a city full of history and culture. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon are just a few places on the must-see list. Not to mention the country is known for its beautiful weather, so this is perfect for a hot getaway.


If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then Edinburgh is perfect for you, it’s like Hogwarts in real life! The city is in a league of its own with beautiful old buildings and gorgeous sights for you to see. There’s plenty of things to do, such as visiting Edinburgh castle, Edinburgh Zoo, or you can even dive into the world of optical illusions at Camera Obscura. If you like walking and aren’t afraid of heights, you might even try walking up to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh’s own ancient volcano. You can see for miles and take some incredible pictures while you’re there! Edinburgh can be on the more expensive side, but it completely depends on what you do, and there’s plenty of free options for those looking for a cheaper getaway. Once you go to Edinburgh, you’ll be desperate to go back!


Fall in love with the city of love! Paris is known for its fancy cuisine and classy aesthetic, so it’s a good thing that it’s not too pricey to visit. Especially if you’re in England, you have the option of taking a ferry across instead of flying, which sometimes works out cheaper! Of course, you’ve got the iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph, but you could also go underground in the Paris Catacombs or visit Belushi’s for a cheap night out. Paris is literally a dream, and if you haven’t watched Emily in Paris, that will undoubtedly get you itching to go!


There’s a reason most students have been to Amsterdam. The city has everything from great music to cool places to eat and of course, the nightlife there is entirely something else. The city is small enough, meaning that you can walk from place to place. Although, you may decide to join the locals and travel by bike! The canals are also beautiful and perfect for any pictures you decide to take.

As for where to go, there’s a couple of popular locations that might interest you. The sex museum seems to be a popular one but great for a good laugh, or you could go down the historical route of visiting Anne Frank’s house (although booking way in advance is advised). Thankfully, most people in Amsterdam do speak English even though Dutch is their native language, so there should be no language barriers here! This one is a must.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a beach holiday! Spain is the perfect hot country for tanning in the sun, and while anywhere in this beautiful country would be brilliant, Majorca is a student fave. Not only is it the home to the show, Love Island but it’s also the home to many stunning locations you can visit. You can see Palma de Mallorca’s Cathedral, visit Katamunda park (water/theme park) or Alcudia Old Town. Majorca is also a pretty cheap location which fits perfect with the student budget. If a bit of sun is your idea of a holiday, this is the choice for you!

If you have any more budget holiday recommendations, comment below!



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