Tips On How To Find Accommodation In The U.K.

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Congratulations! You’ve finally got into the university of your choice in the UK. Now the next step is to start looking for suitable student accommodation. This can be a slightly stressful task, especially when you’re not even there in the UK yet.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best student accommodation for yourself.

  • Pre-planning: When getting ready to go to your university, it is essential to plan for suitable student accommodation. To prevent any last-minute stress and panic, it is advised that you start pre-planning and not procrastinate. You can start searching for student accommodations via online sites. It will give a general idea about the property location and prices along with a few images of the rooms.
  • Check the deadline: It is important to keep a check on the deadline of your student accommodation and mark it on your calendar. The deadline dates may differ depending on different student accommodations, so ensure that you have plenty of time to plan.
  • Decide a budget: Budget will be a major factor that needs to be considered when selecting your student accommodation. It is necessary to be clear on your budget before you start searching for student property. After fixing a budget, you can decide if you want a private room or shared accommodation.

    Also, decide your budget depending on the city you will be living in. For example: Living in London will be expensive while student accommodation in Exeter will be more affordable.
  • Keep your living preferences in mind: You’re going to live in the accommodation, so make sure that you have carefully thought about your non-negotiables. Everyone’s selection criteria and living preferences are different so think about what is important for you, whether it is a private bathroom or a strong broadband connection.
  • Duration of contract: It is important for you to be clear on the duration of the contract. Accommodation providers may offer contracts with different durations, usually 41 weeks or 44 weeks. University halls usually ask the students to leave during the summer breaks, Christmas or Easter so it is essential to check with them beforehand. Usually, the universities don’t allow the students to stay after their first year, but private halls allow you to stay for as long as you want.
  • Location: It is critical to think about the location of your accommodation. There will be several factors to consider like distance from the university or city centre, being towards the central area will help in minimising the taxi fares even if the rental is slightly higher. Therefore, do consider these factors before choosing the location of your accommodation.
  • Check the services your rent will cover: Before finalising your accommodation, do not forget to check the services it will offer. Several student accommodations offer rent packages, so that you don’t worry about basic utilities like a strong broadband connection or paying bills. Also, it is important to check these services do not have any hidden costs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We hope that you find these tips helpful in your quest of finding the best accommodation for yourself in the UK. Also, for any queries regarding student accommodation, you can visit Amberstudent. The website offers some of the best pocket-friendly accommodation deals near your university with a 24/7 free dedicated query support along with many ongoing offers and cashbacks.



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