Making the Most of Your Easter Break at University

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Unlike the summer holidays and Christmas break, the Spring and Easter holidays are a totally different kettle of fish for university students. Not only is the majority of learning done for the year, but the exam period is looming – yet still not quite here yet. It’s an Easter limbo, if you will. 

For many students, Easter break at university can offer the temptation to do little other than relax and put your feet up, a hundred easter eggs in tow. However, it’s worth using this time as productively as possible – especially when the end of exams is so near. 

While it’s important to rest after a hard academic year, taking advantage of the Easter holidays can separate you from the pack and help you get the grade you want from university. 

This article will outline all the ways students can make the most of their Easter break at university, including easter-themed activities to do with their housemates and coursefriends. Because, really, are we ever too old for a basket full of Easter chocolate? 

Do university students get Easter holidays?

Students at universities in the UK get a break for Easter in the middle of the second semester, which usually starts in January and ends in May. Students are encouraged to use this time to prepare for the upcoming summer exam season, as well as rest and recuperate after the first half of the semester. 

How long is Easter break in university?

While university students in the UK will typically get between 3-5 weeks off for Easter break, the specific length of the university Easter holidays will depend on the university you’re attending. 

How to make the most of your Easter break as a student

There are several ways you can take advantage of the Easter holidays in second semester. We’ve listed a number of these below.

  • Catch up with notes and lectures from the start of term two

    One great thing about the Easter holidays? It’s right in the middle of semester two. This makes it a brilliant opportunity to catch up with everything you’ve learnt so far – and work out what hasn’t quite stuck in your brain. 

    Maybe you’ve missed one or two lectures as a result of staying too long at the pub. Or you might have attended everything you needed, but the notes you took seem pretty incomprehensible now you’ve got them out in front of you. However the first half of the term went down, use the Easter break to re-watch your professor’s live streams, and condense your content into more digestible (and readable!) notes.

  • Get on top of coursework – and dissertations

    For the majority of university degrees, coursework deadlines are put in in the weeks following Easter. Doing as much as you can over the holidays won’t just make the rest of the term a lot less stressful, but you’ll also get a ton of useful feedback from your professors when you return in the first week. 

    You’ll also likely have a dissertation hand-in after Easter. For many students, finishing this essay will be of the highest priority during the Easter holidays. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to cram in a load of last-minute research and writing the week before your deadline, especially when your dissertation makes up a big part of your final degree.

  • Look ahead at the rest of the university year 

    It might seem like a long semester, but there are still six weeks of teaching left to go! As well as looking back at everything you’ve learned so far, the Easter holidays can also be a great time to look ahead at the rest of the academic year and get a head-start on content for the rest of the term. 

    Many students will be able to find the rest of the semester’s content online, as well as the remainder of the reading list that was likely handed out to you at the beginning of the module. By getting ahead with the material and required reading, when you do get taught the new content properly, you won’t be caught totally unaware. 

  • Switch off and reset

    With dissertation and course deadlines in mind, it’s still important to remember that it’s Easter break for a reason – it’s a chance to switch off and reset. Especially since term two can be super stressful as you go from January exams straight into teaching. 

    While preparing for summer exams is important during this period, it’s also just as important to rest and switch off. It’s nearly impossible to finish the semester and go straight into exam season again if you’re burnt out. So, rest and reset – you deserve it. 

  • Explore the city or travel the country

    With the possibility of five weeks off, the Easter holidays are the ideal time for students to explore the city they’re in or go further afield by travelling the country. The large expanse of time means students have the chance to stay close to home – or go somewhere even more exotic. 

    Better still, travelling as a student in the Easter holidays doesn’t have to blow your student loan if you travel wisely and use these tips:

    • Find and book cheap flights using flight comparison apps like Skyscanner or Hopper. Budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet also offer some cheap deals to major European destinations if you’re prepared to take a super early flight – if you can stay up partying until 4 am, how bad can getting up an hour later be?
    • Pack light and save the pennies by only taking hand luggage rather than a suitcase. This will also make it a lot easier to get around your destination. 
    • Books hostels and Airbnbs to cut costs and meet other student travellers also using their Easter break to go exploring. 
    • Eat street food or at markets instead of in restaurants. Better still, cook your own food using local ingredients to really see what the locals are eating. 
    • Take advantage of public transport or explore the city on foot. Not only will this quickly help you save the pennies, but you’ll also be able to see more of where you’re staying and what’s around the corner.
  • Do some spring cleaning

    While spring cleaning might not be exactly what you first associate with the Easter break at university, having a big clearout over the holidays can be extremely beneficial for both your mental health – and your wallet.

    Having a big declutter has been proven to increase focus and productivity, as well as instantly boost your mood. Letting items pile up can stand as a reminder of all the things left to do – including revising for those upcoming exams. By sifting through everything and properly sorting your study notes, you can start the next part of the semester with a blank slate.

    Spring cleaning your student room will also help you unearth some of your old things that haven’t recently seen the light of day. You can then sell these things on eBay, Vinted or Facebook Marketplace for some extra student funds.

  • Access student well-being support

    If you’ve found the first half of semester two difficult and wouldn’t mind some support with your mental health or anything else, the Easter holidays can also be a good time to seek some well-being support. Universities have many resources to help their students on campus, including trained advisors, counselling services and therapeutic groups. 

    You will most likely be able to find the help that you need and there will be plenty of staff to point you in the right direction of whatever type of support you’re seeking. Many universities also offer groups where you can discuss your issues with peers, for example, bereavement groups, cognitive behavioural groups, women’s groups and groups for trans students. These sessions will be led by a trained counsellor.

Easter-themed activities for university students

If you’re planning to spend some of your Easter holidays on campus or living with your housemates, there are tons of fun Easter-themed activities you can do on a student budget.

  • Cook hot cross buns 

    Another delicious staple other than Easter eggs is, of course, hot cross buns. These spiced fruit buns slathered in butter are a great holiday snack for all hungry housemates who need a little pick-me-up between study sessions. 

    If you’ve got a seasoned Mary Berry in your midst, why not try and make some hot cross buns from scratch? However, if you’re all a little prone to forgetting about your dinner in the oven, it might be safer to buy some buns already made and stick them in the toaster…

  • Host an Easter egg hunt 

    The person who said easter egg hunts were just for kids clearly didn’t know how to have fun! Bring back this classic Easter activity and throw an easter egg hunt for your housemates using whatever patch of land you’ve got in your house, or even the many nooks and crannies of campus. An easy way to turn up the stakes? Add a little alcohol to the hunt.

  • Enjoy an Easter-themed night out 

    Going back to what we said before about relaxing and taking a break, there are plenty of Easter-themed nights out across universities worth checking out over the holidays. Whether it’s Easter fancy dress, free easter eggs on entry or even drunk easter egg hunts across the club, these one-of-a-kind Easter-themed nights out will definitely be something to remember. 

  • Visit an Easter market  

    Something a little more wholesome than an Easter-themed night out – an Easter market. You’ll likely be able to find these markets filled with street food, handcrafted gifts and other fun market stalls somewhere in the city. Many universities also put on their own Easter markets on campus, so it’s worth also seeing if your uni is doing something like this, too. 

Whatever you’re doing these upcoming Easter holidays, make sure to use this time as productively as you can, but remember to take time to rest, as well – oh, and to scoff your face with chocolate eggs!



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