How To Write an Essay the Night Before

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While it isn’t something we recommend, sometimes you find yourself writing an essay the night before it’s due. You won’t be the first or the last, believe us. But if you want to know how to get the most out of your essay then this article is for you. Just because you’re writing it last minute it doesn’t mean it can’t still be good! Here’s how to do it:

Take a breath

There’s nothing worse than going into writing an essay stressed and disorganised. Especially when you’re doing it at last minute, you might feel like you’re running out of time but that isn’t always true. It doesn’t take too long to write an essay (depending on the length and how well you know the subject of course!) so, don’t panic! It isn’t going to help you if you’re freaking out so instead take a deep breath before you start and relax. If you want to produce a good piece of work then it’s best to do it with a clear mind. Be confident in yourself because you can do it!

Write an essay plan

If there’s anything that can really help you get it done quick, it’s a plan. You might be wondering how to write an essay plan, so one way would be to plan your essay out paragraph by paragraph. You can plan your overall point for each paragraph with the examples and references you want to include to back up each point. Alternatively, you could use a mind map to develop your essay ideas. You can use your first point and branch off in more detail. Whichever way you decide to do it, it will give you a clear idea of what you want to write. Plus, it will avoid any waffling when you actually get down to writing, as you’ll know what you want to say in advance. Follow it step by step and you’ll have produced your essay in no time!

Use the marking scheme

As you work on your essay it’s a good idea to use the scheme that you will be marked against. You want to look at your essay as if you’re assessing it, then you’ll know how good it really is. It won’t take long and it’ll make sure you’ve written to the best of your ability. It’s a good idea to read the marking scheme before you start your essay so you can tailor it to where the marks are. However, you should read through it once you’ve finished too so you can edit wherever you need to improve. This will save you from completing other drafts because let’s be honest – you don’t have time! Use every available resource, it’ll help!

Have some friends proofread

Although the work has to be your own, there’s no harm in getting a couple of friends to check over it for you. It can be for things as simple as grammar and spelling, they will earn you a couple of extra marks! Once you’ve read over it a couple of times yourself, it’s easy to miss things so another pair of eyes is always a great help. If anyone you know is happy to have a look over it for you then make the most of it! It could be the difference between an average and good mark! There’s nothing better than a helping hand.

Remove any distractions

As easy as it is to have your attention pulled away to other things, it really won’t help you here. Get off Tiktok and get working! You don’t have time to be procrastinating with other things so don’t let it happen. Simply put yourself in a quieter room and put anything that’s going to distract you far away from your reach. You can reward yourself now and again if it’s going to help your concentration but be reasonable with yourself. You know deep down you’ll regret it if you let distractions ruin your essay, so don’t.

Be ready to submit before the deadline

You might be feeling pretty panicked as it is so there’s no point making it worse. Let yourself be ready to submit at least an hour before the deadline. There’s nothing worse than a last-minute panic when your internet starts slowing down! This way you’ll be prepared for any curve balls that may come your way, leaving you plenty of time to deal with them effectively. It’ll also give you some time to relax afterwards because you can rest happy knowing it’s uploaded in good time.

These are just some of the helpful tips that will get you through this deadline nightmare! It might seem overwhelming and impossible in the beginning but it’s perfectly doable. Hopefully, these steps will make your work a whole lot easier. Remember, if you want a good model essay written so you have a guide for your work then check out our essay writing services. Good luck with your essay!



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