How to Master Your Degree During Lockdown

April 2020 by


If there’s ever been a time to ace your degree, lockdown is undoubtedly it. No nights out, no house gossip, no distractions. Surely…

But somehow, the days are still full.

Well, between an excessive amount of baking, Tiger King and reading Uncle Mark’s questionable conspiracy theories… there really isn’t time to study.

But, I’m here to tell you that you CAN master your degree in lockdown.

It will take a little concentration, a can-do attitude and my five simple steps below.

Clear out the distractions

Your first task: remove all those potential distractions, starting with your phone. Stick your device on silent mode. Then, put it in another room. Or, if you’re a real screen addict, ask one of your family members to keep it hidden.

Next, declutter and tidy your workspace. Everyone knows how important cleaning suddenly becomes when there’s work to do. Accept that fact. Clean. And then you can fully concentrate on getting that first-class honours degree.

Plan a daily schedule

To keep on track, you need to be organised with your time. Set manageable daily goals and then break your day into hour-by-hour chunks. Remember to carve out time for the essentials in life, such as eating lunch and going to the toilet.

And don’t forget there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun too. If you want to bake, simply schedule an hour for baking. Just make sure you’ve got enough time to do your work as well. If you’re not much of a planner, the ZenDay app has a pretty neat timeline that automatically highlights tasks that need to be completed soon. Alternatively, use Google Calendar to map out your time.

Start bugging your tutor

Okay, don’t actually start pestering your tutor. But do make sure to keep in regular contact. It’s going to be very easy to lose track of your degree in lockdown. So updating your tutor and asking for advice is going to be vital.

An email is fine should you have any brief questions. But for more in-depth problems, you can request a Skype or Zoom chat. Some students feel like asking for help might look like you’re struggling. It doesn’t. It shows an enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to improve.

Use free online courses

All that extra free time you’ve got means you can put in some serious hours and read around your subject. Showing extra knowledge is what’s going to separate the 2:1s from the firsts. So take advantage of the free online courses that many top American colleges are offering.

You can find a full list (and break them down by subject) at Alternatively, head to, where you can find a selection of free courses.

Ask for support

Finally, the sad fact is that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to affect many of us. We might come across difficult situations that overwhelm us. If that happens to you, don’t suffer silently – and I can’t stress this enough – let your university know. Every uni has its own support system for students who need it.

And just because you’re not physically there doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Contact your university or your student union’s student support line. You may be offered anything from additional guidance to deadline extensions. But the important thing is not to let tough times negatively alter your grades.



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