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Decorating your room is a huge part of going to university! Some people look forward to getting on their interior design heads and decorating it just how they want. It can also be a big part of making your new accommodation feel like home! Although it’s a lot of fun, you might be stuck for ideas on how to decorate, and that’s where this post comes in handy. From the typical student decs to some more unique ideas, the inspiration you need is right here!

Fairy lights

It’s a running joke that every student’s room has these, but it’s for a good reason. Nothing feels more homely than soft, warm lighting in your bedroom. Especially when it’s the place you’re going to sleep in, making it cosy is so important! It’s completely up to you where you put the fairy lights. You can hang them around your walls, use them to frame your bed or even line them along with your desk. One thing you do need to check, though, is whether your university allows plug-in ones. Some places have strict rules as they can be seen as a fire hazard, so if that’s the case, battery-powered ones are the next choice. Fairy lights are the key to a good aesthetic, so with these, you won’t go wrong!


Another huge thing for students in the UK is buying prints and popping them on your wall. Having pictures of your friends, family or even pets from home can make you feel so much better, especially if you’re a little homesick. Over time you can even add the photos you’ve taken with your university friends to the collection! In most accommodations, you’ll get a pinboard, so that’s the best place to put these. If not, you can always blue tac them, so you don’t ruin the paint (and still get back your deposit). If you’re wondering where to get such photos, FreePrints is a popular choice with students as you only pay postage, and it’s super cheap. Get printing!

Notes board

As well as putting photos on your pinboard, you might decide to do study notes too. When organised well, study notes can add a lot to your room, and it will also help your studying! You could even buy a pinboard to go right near your desk as seeing these while you work will obviously help you way more. Just write your notes out neatly on fancy paper if you really want to make them look good and pin them up in a way that makes sense to you! You could also colour coordinate these notes, which will help with presentation and keep them together by subject etc. It will not only decorate your room but be practical for you too!


When you’re moving into a new place, a bit of greenery is the perfect decor. Plants always make a room look more homely, and there’s a range that you can get too! Succulents are the most popular with students because they’re low maintenance, and you can even get some pretty Terrariums to keep them in that will match your room. Alternatively, you could buy some flowers to brighten the place up a bit. The question is, can you maintain them? Because if not, you could always choose some fake plants instead! When you’ve got a busy student lifestyle, sometimes fake ones are the best alternative. Some students even like to buy fake vines for the walls as it’s super trendy right now. Whatever you choose, it’ll add a bit of something to your place, and it might even smell good as well!

Organise your shelves

Most of the time at university, you’ll have a good shelving unit ready for you to put away any of your stuff. If you want to make your room look magnificent, you can organise these to look presentable. If you’re a big book lover, you might decide to display your books by colour or even put some covers on display to brighten it up a little. If you’re not into books, you could always use items like ornaments or plants to add something to the shelves. There are a million different things you could do to sort these, but as long as you’re happy with them, they’ll look fantastic!

Party decs

If you really want to get creative with your room, party decorations could be an excellent investment. Garlands are the best choice, and like fairy lights, you can drape them across any part of your room that you see fit. There are so many different ones to choose from too! You could go vibrant for the summer and even switch them out during the Halloween season. Party decorations are all about making a place look good, so if you’re trying to go above and beyond, that’s the best place to start!

Do you have any decoration ideas? Let us know in the comments!



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