Best Outdoor Things to Do in London During Post COVID Restrictions

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Freedom Day is finally here! So how are you going to celebrate? London is the centre of everything for England, so you’ll have plenty of options if you’re looking for something to do. The city has practically everything you could ever dream of, and even if you aren’t a student in London, these spots are definitely worth a visit. Now that restrictions are being lifted, you can see more friends and do way more things. If you want to be extra safe though, it is always better to keep to outdoor activities with plenty of fresh air circulating. So, where to begin? Here’s what we recommend for things to do in London!

Mini golf in Canary Wharf

Starting with something that is actually free to do in London, mini-golf! Everybody loves mini golf, and there are so many amazing locations you can play in London too, but as a student, you might be looking for a slightly cheaper option. At Canary Wharf, they have an event every summer where you can play for free. To play, you just ask one of the event stewards for some clubs and a ball, and then you’re good to go. It’s perfect for playing with both friends or family, and with 9 holes to complete, it’s sure to keep you busy for a while. The golf is open daily from 12 noon until 6 pm. Especially during a lovely summer, it’s a great way to spend your afternoon.

Bar Elba rooftop cinema

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? Well, now’s your chance! And it’s at a fancy outdoor bar too so you can enjoy the evening with excellent drinks and good food. Bar Elba is showing films every day throughout July and August, and there’s even a good few dates in September too! They show cult classics such as Back To The Future, Little Women, The Greatest Showman, Mean Girls and just about every other film you’d want to watch. The shows usually start at quarter past 8, and you do have to book on their website. Tickets are £40 each, but it’s great for a one-off, and it’s an incredible experience to have. Don’t miss out!

Uber boats

Another super cheap experience is to catch an Uber Boat. Even though these are more for getting from one place to another, it’s a fun activity and one you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in England. The prices range from £4-£21, but it all depends on your area of London, so check out their website for the full info. You can easily get a single ticket for under £10 and go for pure enjoyment! It’s something you need to do at least once, so get some friends together and hop on the boats.

Phonebox Library

Another free activity in London and this time for our book lovers, how about a book exchange? In London is the smallest library which happens to be inside a telephone box! You can stop by and pick up any book that looks interesting to you, but it’s asked that you also put one in there to keep it stocked full for everyone else. Alternatively, you can also bring the book back once you’ve read it for other people to read. It’s a spot loved by students and a great way to discover something new.

Jack the Ripper walking tour

Jack the Ripper tours have been popular for years and years, so if you haven’t had the chance to join one, you definitely should. Especially if you’re a big history fan, this will be one that really interests you. The tours will be led by a tour guide who can tell you everything you ever need to know about the mystery serial killer. They will walk you to different points in the city important to the story, and it will take around 2 hours. The tour is also very cheap costing between £10-£20. Perfect for anyone looking for something affordable to do!

Hire a boat on the Serpentine

While hiring an Uber Boat might sound fantastic, you might prefer to drive your own! You can take charge of the Serpentine at Hyde Park by either hopping on rowing or pedal boats. It’s £12 for an hour and £10 for 30 minutes so once again not expensive at all. It is possible to move at your own pace while having a more personal experience with your friends or family. Both boats hold up to 6 people so that plenty can get involved too! Being at Hyde Park also means you could have a picnic or chill out on the grass after your hard work. The choice is up to you!

Fulham Beach Club

We couldn’t recommend places without forgetting somewhere to eat! Fulham Beach Club is a dream location, and for the most part, it’s outside too. You can order anything from burgers to tacos, so you won’t be leaving hungry. To eat at the restaurant, you do need to pay to sit. The prices range from £10-£40, but it all depends on where you want to be. Not only is the restaurant brilliant, but they are also well known for their bottomless brunch. It can be pretty expensive at £49 a ticket, but it includes plenty of food and drinks to leave you satisfied. It’s a slightly pricier London option, but it’s also a lot of fun!



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