8 Ways To Relieve Your Study Stress

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The study period is stressful for everybody, but it can be especially challenging at the moment, so reducing your stress is important for both your wellbeing and overall university performance. Of course, you’ve still got to put time and effort into your work, but there’s nothing worse than overdoing it and feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. We’ve come up with ways to help you relive that stress and still work as effectively as always. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Get out of the house

Particularly at a time like today, you might find you’re getting a bit of cabin fever. It isn’t good to be stuck in the house constantly so when you get a chance, go for a walk outside or simply spend some time in your garden. It’s important to get some fresh air now and again! It’ll improve your mood instantly and that’s what you need the most when you’ve got lots of work to conquer. Find some time to get outdoors and you’ll feel less stressed for sure!

Save time for things you enjoy

While you might have a lot of work to be doing, it’s actually not healthy to avoid giving yourself a break. That’s why you must take a step back from your work now and again to relax a little. What you choose to do with that time is completely up to you! Maybe watch your favourite Netflix show, pick up a book, or even play a game! Whatever will take your mind away from the whirling thoughts of work for a short while will do you good. You can even schedule in these breaks if it’s going to help you manage your work better! Either way, it’s important you still take some time for yourself and remove yourself from your working thoughts.

Manage your time

Speaking of managing your time, it might be obvious, but some of that time needs to be dedicated to the actual work you have. You can make a plan or a schedule as either of them will make it much easier on you. If you have multiple different pieces of work to do, organising them will make all the difference. It means you’ll actually have the chance to get them done in time and you’ll feel far less stressed while doing it. It might not seem important to you, but it could be the tool you need – you don’t want to be having a breakdown right before the deadline!

Talk to your friends and family

It’s easy to become shut off from the world when you’ve got a whole pile of work to dedicate your time to. However, all that is going to do is make you more stressed and probably unhappy. As mentioned before, breaks are important and so is talking to the people around you. It’s another way to get your head away from your work for a short time, and you may even find talking about the stress you’re under feels quite relieving. Your friends especially might know what you’re going through so talk to them about it if it helps. Don’t shut yourself off!


There is nothing better to relieve stress than exercises. If there’s anything that’s going to make you feel good, it’s this. It’s completely up to you, what you do. It can be anything from running to walking or simply working out, and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home if you’re stuck inside. Yoga is recommended if you want to clear your mind in between your studying. It doesn’t have to be for too long either, just until you find yourself feeling a little more relaxed. You’ll also feel a lot more energised to get everything you need to do done!

Take some deep breaths

Have you ever taken deep breaths in order to calm down? If the answer is no, then you should! It might seem small, but taking deep breaths can help you to relax. There’s a reason people speak so highly of mediation! Take a couple of minutes when you feel yourself getting frustrated and breath in and out slowly. If you want some assistance, try downloading some apps to help you out with it, iBreathe and Breathwrk are just two that can make sure you do it in the best way. Try them out!

Listen to some music

Not many things can get you feeling good like music can! It can elevate your mood like no other so give it a try. Stick on one of your favourite playlists and have some fun. You can even put the music on in the background while you study as long as it doesn’t become too distracting. Doing work doesn’t have to be boring, so why not make it more enjoyable?!

Get enough sleep

We’ve all heard that student life is staying up all night to get those essays finished, but that won’t be doing you much good. More than anything, it will affect your work ethic if you’re tired all the time! You don’t want your overall health to deteriorate on top of everything else! Your mood is going to be massively impacted if you’re only getting a few hours’ sleep here and there so make it a priority. Not only will you feel much better, but you’ll probably produce much better work. The feeling of being refreshed after a good night sleep is unmatched, so don’t miss out on it!

Hopefully, these are the tips that will have you feeling relaxed in no time. Of course, a university can be stressful sometimes, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to combat it. Look after number one and not only will you feel better, but you’ll study better too. Best of luck with your studies!



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