10 Perks of Being a Master’s Student

February 2017 by


Being a Master’s student is tough but it’s not all bad! There are certain pluses about taking on a Master’s degree; here are a few of the most common.

  1. You’re experienced

    By now you know the tricks of the trade and you don’t feel phased by University work. You know that if you pay the deadlines the respect they are due then you will do just fine and understand that leaving work to the last minute is not a good idea.

  2. Tutor time

    Because the class sizes are smaller you have a lot more time to ask your tutors for advice. Tutors certainly have a much easier time dividing an hour’s seminar between 5 students then they do between 25!

  3. Respect

    Because you have taken the step up to master’s level more people will give you the time of day. Whether this is replying to your emails faster or just generally being available to help, you can definitely tell there’s more respect.

  4. Less lecture time

    This is a simple one really, less lecture time means that the study is more focused on your preferences and the decisions you make. It also gives you more freedom in planning your work load.

  5. Term times

    Because term times are different, postgraduate students often find that they can revise in the library in peace and quiet after all the undergrads have gone home.

  6. Time to plan ahead

    A Master’s year might seem like a drastic step to take just to avoid getting a job, but it does mean that you have an extra year to plan what to do with your life after your studies are over.

  7. Evening lectures

    This may or may not be a perk depending on your preferences, but if you are a night owl you will love the evening lectures, it will make you feel more senior too and will give you time to prepare your day properly rather than rush around.

  8. Your mates

    Your mates will probably be moaning about their jobs while you are on your Master’s course. And despite the fact that revising is never fun, there are no rules as to where to do your reading. Put in your earphones, smile and take yourself and your course material down to the pub or to the local park, your choice.

  9. You can help

    You’re an essay writing expert by now so you will have the confidence to offer help to other friends and undergraduates. It feels very rewarding when your proofreading or guidance helps a mate to nail the grade they want.

  10. It sounds great

    This one is a bit shallow I’ll admit. But it is true. Telling people that you’re a master’s student feels good, just don’t overdo it!

So, despite there being some obvious downsides to doing a Master’s degree, it certainly isn’t all bad!



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