10 Easiest Online College Courses in the UK

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As Coronavirus hit the world, people have been taking things online. If you’re currently in education, you might have studied online in the past year. In some ways, a lot of things are more accessible this way. You can stay at home and not worry about paying travel fees, for example. Are you considering it? Many subjects can be studied from home, so it’s an option for anyone who wants to. If you’re interested in knowing the easiest courses to study online, this post is for you!

English and Creative Writing

As an English student, your degree might include a lot of reading, research and writing, all tasks you can do from the comfort of your own home! With an online degree, any essays or papers you need to submit can be done over the internet too. There can be a few branches within English for you to choose from, such as English literature, creative writing, English and film or English and journalism. There might even be a few more options depending on the university you go to. With English as a degree, you also have a lot of career options. You could go into publishing, copywriting, law, teaching and much more. It’s a nice and easy degree for at home because there’s not much you need to go out of your way to do. If you have a strong interest in English or any of these career options, this might be the degree for you.

Computer Science

This is one of the most popular degrees out there right now, and it’s because the career options aren’t looking too bad at all. Software engineering is the most popular choice, and the pay isn’t anything to complain about. At a time when computers are our most essential tools, a degree that looks at how they work is beneficial indeed. As obvious as it might seem, as long as you have a computer, you’ve got all you’ll need to learn. It’s also said to be quite a fast degree to complete, so that’s another positive to your home learning. If you know what you want to do or even if you don’t, studying this one will be a strong choice.


Speaking of popular careers, communications is becoming a favourable one. Like with a few of these degrees, this one offers a selection of career options, so you won’t be too limited. You can go into media writing, marketing, public relations and many other careers. Most work with this one can be submitted online, too, which is perfect! You might have assignments such as presentations and essays, so they’re all easy enough. There might even be some more technical tasks to do, but if your laptop is ready, so are you.


Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of the mind? It’s actually quite an interesting topic, isn’t it? Well, it’s also perfect for studying at home. Essays and tests will make up most of your work here, and all of them can be submitted online. The career prospects for psychology are pretty cool too. You’ve got counselling of many kinds, working with children or even in sport. What you decide to specialise in is up to you, but you might choose to figure this out as you go. For now, you can focus on working hard and reading peoples thoughts.

Accounting and Math

We haven’t forgotten about your math fanatics, don’t worry. Accounting is one of the most common professions for anyone who enjoys mathematics, and your home is the perfect place to study it. Any tests or essays you complete are easy to do from home. You will also be more likely to use a computer when it comes to the actual careers too, so it’s excellent practice for the future. As long as you have a calculator and a pen and paper, you should do pretty well. Make sure you put the time in though, the harder your work, the more likely you are to succeed. At least you can be comfy while you do it!

Graphic Design

If you’re already decent at art, then this one will be easy for you. Graphic design is a bit like ‘modern art’ because everything is online these days. Graphic design is also used in plenty of different industries in different ways. You could be creating graphics for a company, designing their website or their newest product. There are endless opportunities with this one. It’s also easy to do from home as long as you have a computer. You will also need some expensive software, but in a lot of cases, your university will sort you out on that one. Other than that, it’s quite a fun degree, so any arty students out there will love this one.


One degree you can definitely learn from home is languages. Many people learn a language on their own time instead of as a degree, and they manage to do it at home, so why can’t you? Like with any subject at university, any resources you need will be given to you. However, thanks to the internet, even more resources are available online to help you learn. Whether it’s YouTube, language apps or even worksheets, there is everything you could ever need. It’s super easy to do online, and you can even learn quicker with any extra effort you put in.

Religious Studies

Much like languages, religion is everywhere, and that helps so much with completing this degree. In most cases, you’ll be doing essays for this degree, maybe a couple of presentations and quizzes too, but like all the degrees on this list, it can be done online. Also, every resource you will ever need is on the internet, so use it to your advantage and study well. If you’re religious or find it interesting, then this is a perfect degree for you. You could go into teaching with this one or even counselling. There’s plenty of options, and it’s a simple one to study.



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