Writers Update November 2015

Edit & Improvement orders

These orders can often be problematic due to a mis-match of client expectations and work actually done. Please check all attachments and the details from the order form thoroughly before providing a quote. Please also explain clearly what your fee includes and only provide prices for the standards you are confident of enhancing the work to.

In particular please ensure:

  • If asked to address tutor comments you advise of the standard you believe the paper will reach upon addressing these.
  • The number of words in the final document submitted is correct
  • You raise any issues / queries with the client before confirming your fee

N.B. If the client requests for tutor comments to be addressed and this contradicts the other instructions detailed on the order form, please verify this with the client first.

Busy Season

We will be getting much busier now and it is important that we all work as efficiently as possible. Therefore we would like to ask you all to be mindful of the following:

  • Deadlines need to be adhered to. Please do not ask for extensions just before a paper is due to be submitted. If you need an extension request this before accepting the work.
  • Saving your work is an integral part of being a professional writer. You should have contingencies in place should you experience hardware, software or internet failure. You should back up all work as you proceed. Simply emailing the work to yourself can be a good way to do this if you have no other way. The work can then be retrieved on any device which you can access your emails on.
  • If you are unavailable then please update the Writer’s Log to reflect this as we can lose valuable time trying to allocate work when writers do not respond. You can update your availability in the Writer’s Logat any time.
  • Checking your emails is of vital importance. Whilst available you should check and respond to our emails as promptly as you can and at the very least every 12 hours.



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