Writers Update May 2016


We really appreciated you all handling the increase in the volume of emails and number of orders whilst responding promptly when orders were offered. A big thanks as well for accommodating our procedural changes regarding emails in the midst of the busy season, this was not ideal, however it helped us tremendously in being able to handle the increased number of orders.

Please be mindful of the following points both during busy seasons and at other times:

  • Check all of the client’s requirements carefully. If you have questions relating to an order, please ask these before accepting the work or immediately upon your acceptance. Checking information with the client the day the paper is due is not good practice and can look unprofessional to the client.

Please do not ask for extensions just before a paper is due to be submitted. If you need an extension, request this before accepting the work or at the very least when we send you a ‘paper due’ reminder email. If we can extend a deadline to help you we will. Sometimes this is not possible though.

  • Ensure that you have contingencies in place should you experience hardware, software or internet failure. You should always back up any work as you proceed. Simply emailing the work to yourself can be a good way to do this if you have no other way.
  • If you are unavailable then please let us know as we can lose valuable time trying to allocate work when writers do not respond. You can update your availability and profile in the Writer’s log at any time.

These few things can help ensure that orders are handled efficiently and that we can provide the high level of customer service our client’s expect.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and thoughts.



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