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Writers Update February 2015


New Writer’s Log

Thank you for completing your profile in the New Writer’s Log.

You can update your profile availability at any time. If you have forgotten your login details please contact us at and we can re-issue these for you.

Starting and confirming

If you express an interest in completing an order please ensure that you check your emails regularly afterwards. We are experiencing a number of issues lately where writers are saying they can complete an order but once we have asked them to start they are not confirming promptly. This causes severe delays in ensuring that work is allocated and underway.

 Busy Season

We will be getting much busier soon as we approach March and April. During this period it is of particular importance that we all work as efficiently as possible. Therefore we would like to ask you all to be mindful of the following:

  1. Deadlines need to be adhered to. Please do not ask for extensions just before a paper is due to be submitted. If you need an extension request this before accepting the work.
  2. Saving your work is an integral part of being a professional writer. You should have contingencies in place should you experience hardware, software or internet failure. You should back up all work as you proceed. Simply emailing the work to yourself can be a good way to do this if you have no other way. The work can then be retrieved on any device which you can access your emails on.
  3. If you are unavailable then please let us know as we can lose valuable time trying to allocate work when writers do not respond. You can update your availability in the New Writer’s log at any time.

Please remember that before submitting the work you should:

  • Give the work a thorough proofread and spell check; please ensure that your spell check is set to UK English not US English.
  • Check that the word count is correct. Remember to exclude table of contents, abstract / executive summary and any other tables included or appendices (appendices length should correspond to the client’s order if requested)
  • Name the files you send with the order number and ensure you attach the correct version of the paper to the email and that the email is actually sent. During our operating times we will always acknowledge receipt of a completed paper. If you have not received an acknowledgement you must check with us that the paper has been received to avoid late penalties. Papers sent over night will have their receipt acknowledged in the morning when we re-open.

Edit & Improvement orders 

We have recently changed the template used to send these orders out to you. We have experienced a few problems recently with writers providing a quote and then further down the line realising that there is more work involved than initially was thought and asking for a larger fee or to pull out of the order. To avoid this please ensure that you read ALL attachments. If you believe a re-write would be easier then please advise this at the outset. Once we have provided a client with a fee we cannot go back to them and ask for more money unless their requirements change, they have completed the order form incorrectly or they send additional information which changes the nature of the request.

Refer a Friend Scheme

Don’t forget our ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’. Currently we are looking for Economics, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Law and Linguistics writers at Masters Level in particular at the moment, so if you know anyone who meets our requirements and may be interested in working with us, then please let them know (All candidates should hold at least a 2:1 standard degree from a UK university, obtained within the past five years. Preference will be given to candidates with a Masters or PhD degree.)

To find out more about please ask them to send their CV and a covering letter to Amanda at Currently we pay £50 for every writer you refer; this fee is increased to £75 for Finance and Accounting writers. When they have successfully completed their first three assignments we will make the referral payment to you. To ensure you receive the referral bonus, please make sure your friend tells us you were the person who referred them!



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