Writers Update February 2014


New Service – Annotated Bibliography

We are delighted to advise that we have an addition to the portfolio of services we offer our clients.

Please click on the link below for more information:


There will be 4 categories:

1. Indicative annotated bibliography

This form of annotated bibliography indicates what the source is about, lists the significant topics and defines the concept of the source.

2. Informative annotated bibliography

This is a summary of the source that tells the reader the thesis, the argument or hypothesis, the results and conclusions of the source.

3. Evaluative annotated bibliography

This form requires the writer to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a source. The writer will critically evaluate the source in terms of its quality and relevancy. *Note: 20% additional charge.

4. Combination annotated bibliography

This is known as the most common form of annotated bibliography. This form contains a combination of information on the source and a critical evaluation of the source. *Note: 20% additional charge.

The pricing will be based on £10 per source. You will need to provide 100 – 200 words per source unless otherwise stated.

If the client selects an Evaluative or Combination approach then the fee will be increased by 20%.

The client will still be able to select a free abstract or executive summary when they order so please ensure that you deliver this with the completed order if required.

It is vitally important that you check you have access to any specific sources requested before accepting the work. If accessing a specific source requires additional expense for you then please advise and we can approach the client regarding this.

Refer a Friend Scheme
Don’t forget our ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’. If you know anyone who meets our requirements and is interested in working with us, please ask them to send their CV and a covering letter to Amanda at writers@ivoryresearch.com
All writers should hold at least a 2:1 degree from a UK university, obtained within the past five years. Preference will be given to candidates with a Masters or PhD qualification.

We will pay you £75 for Master’s and above qualified; Business, Finance, Law and Economics writers and £50 for writers in other subject or academic levels, who are successful in their application.
Payment is made when they have successfully completed their first three assignments. To ensure you receive the bonus, please ensure your friend tells us you were the person who referred them!

Abstract / Executive Summaries and / or contents pages.
We have noticed recently that writers are forgetting to include certain specified requirements from the order form. For example, writers are not including an abstract or executive summary and /or contents pages when it has been requested. Please ensure that you follow the instructions on the order form carefully and be aware of the added extras that a client may have requested. Please also note that these are provided free of charge for the client and should not use any of the word count allocation of the order.

Word Count
Our policy regarding word count is that all work must be no less than 1% under and no more than 10% overthe specified word count excluding the abstract, table of contents and the references.

Our next busy season….
Our next busy period will be here soon and we are looking forward to an increase in work on offer to you all. Please be sure to check your emails as regularly as possible during this time. We would also ask that you advise of any periods you will be unavailable to prevent a delay in work being successfully allocated.



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