Writers Update August 2016

Thank you all for your support over the last few months with our free topics offer for our clients, this has been very successful and something we would like to continue to offer from time to time with your continued support.

The workflow is quieter around this time of year and will normally pick up as we head into October. Please take the time now to check your writers log profile and make any adjustments regarding subjects and order types before we get busier again, please also ensure that your contact telephone numbers are up to date:

Deadlines – change in standard delivery time Monday – Friday

We are changing the standard delivery deadline on normal weekdays to 10pm from 11pm. This is necessary to help us to effectively handle the large number of emails with completed papers at this time of the day. This will take effect from the 1st September.

Late submissions

Unfortunately, although this is a quieter time of the year, the number of orders being submitted late is steadily increasing and this has become problematic. Please ensure that you adhere to stated deadlines, requesting deadline extensions should be exceptional and be requested well ahead of the paper submission deadline agreed when you accepted the work. If you are late delivering a paper it is vital that keep in contact with us.

Checking through orders before quoting/accepting

Before accepting or quoting on an order please ensure you fully understand the client’s requirements. If you are unsure please seek clarification before providing a price or accepting the work. We understand that you are all keen to take work; however failing to do this can lead to client dissatisfaction and the creation of more work for both yourself and us dealing with resulting issues.



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