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When can I contact the office?

Our office is open from 9am-9pm Monday-Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday (All times are GMT). If you need to contact us outside of these hours, please send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can.

Do I have to accept every piece of work you offer me?

No. It is up to you which assignments you accept. We do ask if you decline an assignment to let us know why. If it is because of the topic or area of study we will know not offer you similar work in the future. If it is because of the deadline, we may be able to ask the client for an extension.

How often should I check my email?

We ask that you check your emails as often as possible, ideally within 4 hours, however please ensure you respond to our emails within 12 hours maximum.

What information will be contained within the brief that you send me?

We will outline all of the things that may be part of the client’s order. A detailed breakdown of the information that may be contained in the brief we send you can be found in the Assignment Brief Details section. Before you accept any order it is vital that you check the brief thoroughly and open all attachments to ensure that you can meet all of the client’s requirements.

What happens if a client isn't happy with my work?

With all of our orders, clients are entitled to a period of free amendments (for amendments which are in line with the original request). For assignments – The time allowed is 10 days. For dissertations – The time allowed is 31 days in total. For dissertations, we require writers to allow 10 days for an amendment request for the first half of the dissertation to come through. Once the dissertation has been completed in full, we ask you to allow 21 days for amendments to be requested. We recommend you read the full details in our Amendments Guide.

How do amendments work?

Once you receive the amendments request from the client, please read their comments very carefully. We ask that you amend the paper within 24 – 48 hours (or unless otherwise agreed).

We recommend you read the full details in our Amendments Guide.

What happens if I feel the amendments are outside the client's initial request?

At times, a client may receive a completed paper and realise that there needs to be added sections. If these points were not in the initial request, then they are not eligible for free amendments. In this case clearly state why the requests are outside of the original brief, and explain how you will implement the changes and what the additional charge will include. Make sure you provide all the information the client will need i.e delivery dates, charges, and what amendments you will be doing. This stops confusion and disappointment upon delivery of the amended paper.

If the client requests a mix of valid amendment requests and additional / new requests, please inform us which points you are willing to complete and which ones you require an additional fee for. Please explain the reasons for the extra charges.

We recommend you read the full details in our Amendments Guide.

I haven't been paid what I was expecting. What do I do?

Please email us the title of the assignment, the date you submitted it and the price you were expecting. Once we have received this information, we will check the details and get back to you.

Important Note: All papers go through a rigorous quality check before being sent to our clients. This means on payment days, unless the work has been passed by our quality department before invoices are sent it may not be included on that particular invoice. If this is the case they will be included on the next one.

To ensure you receive payment you will need to submit your completed papers 3 working days (Monday – Friday) in advance of the payment day. Please also remember that if a paper is undergoing amendments, payment will not be made until the amendments have been completed.

ALL queries will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please be patient when querying your invoice.

Can I re-use parts of work I have completed before?

No. When you receive your invoice from us, the payment made transfers the copyright of the papers to use. This means using parts of previously written papers will be classed as plagiarism. All assignments should be completely new and original work.

I'm running late with an assignment, what should I do?

Let us know immediately. We are here to help you. The sooner you let us know the better. We can always solve the problem and offer you help. We can even ask the client if they are able to extend the deadline. The worst thing you can do is carry on regardless when you know it will be late. As soon as you think there may be a problem, get in touch and we will work together to find a solution.

Can I contact the client if I have any questions regarding the assignment?

We encourage sending any questions or messages you may have for the client regarding their paper as it reduces the need for amendments. All we ask is that you clearly send the message intended for the client in a short email to us and we then forward this unchanged to the client requesting a response. Please ensure that you ask as many questions as possible shortly after accepting the work as it will look unprofessional to be asking the client questions the day before a paper is due!

Can you provide an example of some completed papers to use as a guide?

We can provide you with an example paper to use as a guide. Simply click here to visit our Samples section.

Which referencing standard should I use?

When client fills in the form, he/she states what referencing standard should be used, you must follow their requirements.

Here is a guide we have produced to help you with the different referencing styles.

What penalties do you have?

We do not like to penalise our writers, and we do not use this as a way of making money as some other companies do. However, we have to have some penalties in place. The penalties are there to avoid delays for our clients and to ensure our writers produce non-plagiarised pieces of work. It is not usual for penalties to be incurred and we try to avoid it as much as possible. Please note the following penalties that may be imposed:

  • No payment and instant dismissal.
  • Poor quality.20% penalty plus a rewrite OR no payment (the work will be given to another writer to rewrite).
  • Requirements not met.10–50% penalty plus a rewrite OR no payment (the work will be given to another writer to rewrite).
  • Late delivery.(You must give notice otherwise the work will be passed to another writer and you will not receive payment).
    1. 1–3 hours late – 15%
    2. 3–6 hours late – 30%
    3. 6–9 hours late – 45%
    4. 9–12 hours late – 60%
    5. more than 12 hours late – 80%.

Please note that in some cases late delivery may not be acceptable. If it is the case that an order is submitted late and we have to provide the client with a refund, you may not be paid for the work.

Do I have to ask you for time off work?

No. You are a freelance worker and you can take time off whenever you wish. It would help us if you can let us know when you will be unavailable to accept work. This will help us to organise your assignments and begin sending assignments when you return.

Do you provide a guide to writing assignments?

We provide all writers a copy of our Compulsory Writing and Presentation Standards upon succession of their application. However, for your convenience we have uploaded a version to this section. View our Compulsory Writing and Presentation Standards.