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  Sean Bond

Computer Engineering, Computing, I.T., Information Systems, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "An Overview of the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)"

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems and an MSc in Electronics and Communications Engineering. While I was studying, my ambition was to produce academic writing of the highest standard so that I could effectively convey my ideas and a clear understanding of my work in the required course-work and dissertations. Technical writing is my specialisation and it is in this field that I like to showcase my passion for writing. Having published a number of research papers, I am satis ...

  Robert Brooks

Business, Electronic-Engineering, I.T., Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "Strategy, competition and sustainability – NAT"

I am currently working as a project manager for a rapidly growing organisation. I have a Master’s in Business Administration and am currently working towards my Chartered Manager status through CMI. Before my current position I worked at a large private organisation as a Project Engineer and Consultant. During my spare time I work on freelance business projects for SME’s Strategy, Competition and Sustainability Introduction This business report is divided into two main sections to achieve th ...


Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, I.T., Information Systems, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design Rules"

I am a PhD final year student in Communication Systems with a good score of publications. I have seven years’ teaching experience with Masters in Communication systems and a Masters in Computer Sciences. This gives me a unique combination of cross-discipline subject areas. I have also five years’ industrial experience that provided me with good managerial abilities. Through my intensive research work, hands-on work experience, and prolonged personal interest I have demonstrated consi ...

  David Baker

Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, I.T., Information Systems, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Quantitative Methods, Sciences, Software Engineering, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Determining investors’ Value at Risk of their portfolios."

I am a PhD student in Computing Science and my research area is Computational Neuroscience. I also work as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics, teaching the subjects of Financial Economics and Economic Forecasting during the Autumn and Spring semesters. I have successfully completed an M.Sc. in Computing for Financial Markets with a first class dissertation titled Implementation of Value at Risk and Option Strategies in Derivatives Markets. I used Java as the programming language ...

  Victor Michaels

Aeronautical Engineering, Communications, Computer Engineering, Computing, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical-Engineering, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "Victor Michaels Profile"

I am an Electronics Engineer working for a small enterprise engaged in the area of Training & Simulation. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Electronics & Communications, then post-graduated with a distinction in Mechatronics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and have since been working full-time for the past three years. I have been exposed to a multitude of technical subjects throughout my education and have also completed a short course in Project Management. I engage in readin ...

  Alice Brown

Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, I.T., Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "The science and technology of machines that can see."

I completed my Master’s degree in MSc Electronics and IT. I am currently working as a research assistant in the field of Robotics. I am also involved with students’ supervision for final year projects and internships. Prior to this, I had many years of work experience with a multinational company as a software developer and configuration manager. I am also involved with a business consultancy group, giving expert advice to clients on business development and profit making. Computer V ...

  James Ferguson

Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, I.T., Information Systems, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "Starting an eCommerce Business -Contracts"

I achieved at a UK University a BSc Honours in I.C.T. The course mainly involved learning about IS/IT systems, business models, project methodologies, project management and programming. In my spare time I am learning the programming language ASP.NET, using visual Studios 2010. I also have a keen interest in Website Development using Joomla, a Content Management System (CMS). In the near future, I hope to read for a Master’s degree in I.T and Business Management. I have been working as ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!