European Studies

Emily Bell

I hold both BA and Master’s Degrees in History from a top UK University. I have studied topics from the medieval period to the present day and have studied modules covering Media Studies, Politics and …

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Susanna Yates

I work for a global news service on a full-time basis, providing financial news. I also write on a broad range of topics as a freelancer. I have a Master’s degree with distinction in International Relations …

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Scott M. Walker

I qualified with a degree in Psychology and Sociology first, then did a postgraduate degree in the Sociology related subject of Social Anthropology. I qualified to be a Hypnotherapist and happily worked as that for …

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Alice Smith

I have an MPhil Degree in Development Studies and have recently completed my PhD in Development Studies. My first degree was in English and Psychology and I am an avid writer who contributes regularly to …

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Matthias Dubuis

I have a Master’s degree in Development Economics and Policy from the University of Manchester, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Tampa in the United States, where I lived for several …

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Richard Brown

I have recently completed a Master’s degree by research, the subject of which was political parties in Egypt and Tunisia both before and after the Arab spring uprisings of 2011. In 2012, I completed my …

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Sam Roberts

I am a former corporate lawyer and published novelist. I have a Masters degree in Law and I am currently working towards a PhD in Medical Law whilst writing my second novel. My first degree …

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Anthony Adams

I have a doctorate from a UK Univeristy on Europol and the use of intelligence in combating cross border crime in Europe. This has also been my area of research in the past for the Home …

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Niamh Sullivan

I work as a freelance translator and interpreter and hold a Master’s degree in International Creative Advertising (specialising in Marketing) as well as a Bachelor (Hons) in Sociology and German. I have lived in four …

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