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  Emily Bell

Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Classics, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, European Studies, History, International Development, International Relations, International Studies, Journalism, Literature, Media, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Sociology, Television, Theatre, Theology, Urban Studies

Sample Paper - "The books and religious life of Richard III"

I hold both BA and Master’s Degrees in History from a top UK University. I have studied topics from the medieval period to the present day and have studied modules covering Media Studies, Politics and Religious Studies. I also have A Levels in Politics and English Literature and am qualified to write on these subjects as well. Since completing my Master’s I have travelled the world and worked in sales and marketing positions both overseas and in the UK. In the future I aspire to work as a p ...

  Susanna Yates

Cultural Studies, European Studies, Human Rights, International Relations, International Studies, Politics

Sample Paper - "Dilemmas of Nuclear Nonproliferation: Preventing and Managing Nuclear Non-Proliferation"

I work for a global news service on a full-time basis, providing financial news. I also write on a broad range of topics as a freelancer. I have a Master’s degree with distinction in International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory a UK University. I have a particular interest in US foreign policy, security and strategy studies, European studies, and political processes in the former USSR. I like to read and keep myself informed about current affairs including politics, economics and ...

  Scott M. Walker

Anthropology, Cultural Studies, European Studies, History, Literature, Media, Politics, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - ""

I qualified with a degree in Psychology and Sociology first, then did a postgraduate degree in the Sociology related subject of Social Anthropology. I qualified to be a Hypnotherapist and happily worked as that for a few years before deciding to become a college lecturer in Psychology and Sociology. I have been teaching for seventeen years now, having helped hundreds of students with essays and dissertations. I have always mixed academic teaching with creative writing. I have written several cu ...

  Alice Smith

European Studies, International Development, International Relations, International Studies, Literature, Politics, Research Methods

Sample Paper - "A discussion of whether internal migration can be a conduit out of poverty for vulnerable and rural households in low-income countries."

I have an MPhil Degree in Development Studies and have recently completed my PhD in Development Studies. My first degree was in English and Psychology and I am an avid writer who contributes regularly to a blog that focuses on development issues. Through my experience as an academic supervisor, I have extensive knowledge of writing and editing. I have also worked in Public Relations and as part of research projects where I have contributed to important reports for organisations such as the UN. I ...

  Matthias Dubuis

Economics, European Studies, History, International Development, International Studies, Research Methods, Social Policy, Sociology, Urban Studies

Sample Paper - "Agricultural vs Industrial Economic Development"

I have a Master’s degree in Development Economics and Policy from the University of Manchester, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Tampa in the United States, where I lived for several years. I have worked in the finance and the public policy industries. My hobbies include fitness, sport, engaging in intellectual conversations on a variety of topics as well as reading and learning about unfamiliar yet interesting topics. My background has thus enabled me to do resear ...

  Michael Hirst

Architecture, Crisis Management, Cultural Studies, European Studies, Human Rights, International Relations, International Studies, Military, Oriental Studies, Politics, Religion, Theology, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Islam is a threat to the West - an evaluation of Huntingon’s thesis"

I have recently completed a Master’s degree by research, the subject of which was political parties in Egypt and Tunisia both before and after the Arab spring uprisings of 2011. In 2012, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the same university, graduating with a first class. Currently I am investigating research ideas/proposals for a PhD. I intend to start reading for a PhD during 2015. My specialist subjects include Middle Eastern and North African politics, interna ...

  Sam Roberts

Archaeology, Art, Civil Litigation Law, Classics, Commercial Law, Commercial Property Law, Company Law/Business Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional/Administrative Law, Consumer Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Criminal litigation, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Drama, Employment Law, English Language, European Law, European Studies, Family Law, Film Studies, Finance Law, General Law, History, Housing Law, Human Rights, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Development, International Law, International Relations, International Studies, Jurisprudence, Land Law / Property Law, Landlord and Tenant Law, Languages, Law, Literature, Maritime Law, Media, Media and Information Technology Law, Medical Law, Mental Health Law, Negligence Law, Oriental Studies, Planning/Environmental Law, Politics, Professional Conduct Law, Public Law, Religion, Restitution Law, Shipping Law, Sociology, Succession Law, Tax Law, Theatre, Tort Law, Tourism, Trusts Law, Wills/Probate Law

Sample Paper - "The strengths & weaknesses of the current legal provisions relating to a variation of shareholders' class rights"

I am a former corporate lawyer and published novelist. I have a Masters degree in Law and I am currently working towards a PhD in Medical Law whilst writing my second novel. My first degree was History and Languages, and I travelled widely for many years, studying a wide range of subjects. I enjoy passing this knowledge on to others and helping them with their studies. ‘Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the current legal provisions relating to a variation of shareholders&# ...

  Anthony Adams

Criminology, European Studies, International Relations, International Studies, Law, Politics, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Keeping dominoes out of politics"

I have a doctorate from a UK Univeristy on Europol and the use of intelligence in combating cross border crime in Europe. This has also been my area of research in the past for the Home Office. I am currently a writer/researcher as well as a private tutor. Prior to this I worked for a number of years in a variety of tutoring and lecturing positions. I have a wide range of interests, but at the moment my main passion is salsa dancing, which I do several times a week. My specialist subjects are: ...

  Niamh Sullivan

Communications, Cultural Studies, E-Commerce, European Studies, International Relations, International Studies, Marketing, Media, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Consumer behaviour and fashion marketing strategy"

I work as a freelance translator and interpreter and hold a Master’s degree in International Creative Advertising (specialising in Marketing) as well as a Bachelor (Hons) in Sociology and German. I have lived in four European countries and speak various languages. My areas of research and academic writing include European languages, literature and culture as well as international and online marketing and advertising, brand development and sales optimisation. I have previously worked for a mar ...

  Kate Jones

Communications, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Economics, European Studies, Health, International Relations, Jurisprudence, Law, Management, Marketing, Medical Law, Mental Health Law, Nutrition, Operations Management, Politics, Psychology, Sciences, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Public Laws vs Private Laws"

I work for the Office of the General Counsel at a top-ranked academic medical centre. I have a Master of Science in International Health Policy with a concentration in Health Economics from the London School of Economics. I am completing my Doctor of Jurisprudence and will sit for the bar exam in July. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and have a side business doing event and commercial photography. Before my current profession and graduate school, I studied Business Administration and Psych ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!