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  Jonathan Alberto

Accounting, Advertising, Business, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, International Development, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mathematics, Operations Management, Product design, Project Management, Public Relations, Research Methods, Risk Management, Shipping & Trade Finance, Social Policy, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Primary External Factors Affecting Ryanair"

I am an MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduate with Distinction from a UK University. I have a background in the field of mathematics, finance and auditing and have a wealth of experience, having previously working with the banking. During my career, I built an impeccable reputation in banking, finance and auditing. My MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has equipped me to do mathematics modelling in logistics and transportation management. Currently I am a logistics consult ...

  Adrian Green

Accounting, Econometrics, Economics, Finance

Sample Paper - "Transaction costs, financial econometrics & market forecasts."

I have two Masters degrees in Finance, one of them from a top-three Finance programme in the UK. I have published academic research in Finance and have a CFA designation. I can help you in three areas. Firstly, I am familiar with a very broad spectrum of academic finance including, inter alia, return anomalies, behavioural finance, portfolio theory, stylized facts of corporate finance transactions, and long term performance studies. Secondly, given that I worked as a buy-side and a sell-side eq ...

  Alec Gordan

Business, Econometrics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Risk Management, Statistics

Sample Paper - "A study of Interest Rate Models"

I possess the following academic qualifications, MSc Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering, Post Grad Diploma in Industrial Management (MBA), Bachelors of Engineering. I am currently working as a Senior Consultant in the capital markets division of a big consulting firm. I had my project internship with ABN Amro Bank Amsterdam. I have interest in Business, management, strategy, statistics, economics, financial analysis, derivatives, capital markets, trading, econometrics, stochastic ...

  James Cann

Business, Communications, Cultural Studies, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, International Relations, International Studies, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Statistics

Sample Paper - "The marketing strategies of Virgin Active Health Clubs"

I graduated with an MSc in Economics from a UK University in 2012. I also hold a Master’s degree in Economics. I have many years of experience in teaching as a lecturer and assistant professor. My work experience has included developing the syllabus and overall course structure while administering students’ progress. I successfully achieved all the targets that were assigned to me when I filled the position of assistant professor. Because of my hard work and commitment, I have recently rece ...

  Andy Law

Econometrics, Economics, International Development, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Demand & balance of payments in developing countries"

I hold an MSc in Economics and a BA in Economics and Library and Information Studies. I am a Development and Political Economist with a special interest in the development policies of both developed and emerging economies. My background includes providing well-reasoned consultancy services on public expenditure, managing risk and insurance policies in a central banking environment and research on international and infrastructure development among others. My specialist areas are: International De ...

  Melanie Brown

Econometrics, Economics

Sample Paper - "Describe what is meant by the liquidity trap."

I hold a first class Economics degree from City University London and I have always had a keen interest in Economics, Business and Finance. I have gained experience in the banking sector at Barclay’s Head Office, and I am currently an Analyst at Citigroup in Canary Wharf. During my studies I have taken courses which will complement my research skills such as International Finance, Econometrics and Data Analysis. I will also be studying towards the Securities Institute Investment Administra ...

  Rachel Roberts

Advertising, Anthropology, Business, Communications, Crisis Management, Cultural Studies, Econometrics, Economics, Education, European Studies, Events Management, Finance, Hospitality, HRM, International Relations, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Media, Operations Management, Politics, Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Risk Management, Strategic Management, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Rachel Roberts Profile"

I am a Financial Analyst, with a BA Hons in Economics and an MSc in Banking and Finance. I have obtained both degrees from two of the top three Universities in the UK. Following the completion of my time at university, I worked in one of the top Investment Banks and I am now pursuing my career in Finance/Economics in one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The work I do for Ivory Research helps me to maintain my educational edge therefore, the assignments are completed promptly and ...

  David Baker

Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, I.T., Information Systems, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Quantitative Methods, Sciences, Software Engineering, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Determining investors’ Value at Risk of their portfolios."

I am a PhD student in Computing Science and my research area is Computational Neuroscience. I also work as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics, teaching the subjects of Financial Economics and Economic Forecasting during the Autumn and Spring semesters. I have successfully completed an M.Sc. in Computing for Financial Markets with a first class dissertation titled Implementation of Value at Risk and Option Strategies in Derivatives Markets. I used Java as the programming language ...

  David Alexander

Business, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mathematics, Operations Management

Sample Paper - "Legal implications of a HR policies"

I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Management from the Judge Business School. I started writing soon after I graduated. I initially saw it as a way to earn some extra money, but soon found out that not only was I very good at it but I also enjoyed it a great deal. As a result, I have been a full time academic writer for the past six years. Over this period I have learned to write in numerous areas, and complete pieces of all lengths from 300 word summar ...

  Michelle Green

Business, Econometrics, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Statistics, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "The oil industry in Azerbaijan and forecasting activities"

I am a PhD degree holder in management from a leading university. I have two published papers in top rated journals and am preparing a third for one for a publication. I have extensive experience in sales and marketing and data statistical analysis spanning more than 10 years. Currently I provide independent consultancy in management to a number of companies in various industrial sectors. The oil industry in Azerbaijan and the need for forecasting activities After the collapse of the Soviet Unio ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!