Being a student in 2016 Vs 2017 in Moldova

Just like in any other country, education in Republic of Moldova is a priority. Every day the government is trying to improve the educational system and offer more benefits to the students attending any form of higher education, including universities. The country’s officials are also working on providing better conditions for students living in dorms, and with that, the situation becomes better every year. Below are a list of changes that happened during the last year that show how being a student in 2017 in Moldova differs from 2016.

Reforms – When it comes to reforms, the major one is the fact that students can now study a wider range of courses in comparison with previous years. Students can also pursue two different degree courses at the same time. This is possible because the courses are offered at different times and days. Although this was available in previous years, it was much more difficult mostly because the options that students could choose from were very limited.

Funding – Compared to 2016, this year the education sphere is forecast to receive more funding which can only be a good thing. Most notably, more scholarships are being offered, both to citizens of Moldova and international students. Student accommodation has been increased enabling universities to accommodate larger numbers of students and the universities are understanding the importance of providing extra-curricular activities for students.

Tuition Fees – Although there haven’t been any significant changes in terms of fees for study, certain specialities have experienced some changes. Courses in medicine and languages are now more expensive, but certain students are eligible for free tuition. Those entitled to free university education include those who are deemed to be vulnerable, single parent families or families with more than one child.

The above changes have gone some way to improving the standard of education and also the number of students who are able to access higher education.