Being a student in 2016 Vs 2017 in UAE – what has changed?

As a result of rapid growth in higher education, the UAE has become one of the best destinations in the Middle East for students to explore higher educational opportunities. The students who attend the universities are also proud of what they are being provided with to study.

The rapid economic growth of UAE contributed towards the increase of higher educational opportunities for students. However, student life has gone through few significant transformations when compared to 2016 and 2017. Therefore, it is important to take a look at what has changed and get a better understanding about what we can expect in the future as well.

Extended work permit

The work permit for students who are pursing higher educational opportunities has been extended. In 2016, the students were only provided with a 12 month work permit after they complete the studies. However, it has now been extended up to 24 months. This creates an ideal opportunity for all students to work if they choose to do so. Students also have more time to research and decide the best company to work for.

Part time work opportunities

Apart from extended work permits, the students have also been provided with the opportunity to enrol in the part time job opportunities. Due to the availability of a large number of part time job opportunities, this is a fact that the students in UAE can be happy about. In addition, they will be able to earn a decent amount of money by these job opportunities.

Tuition fee has increased

When compared to 2016, the tuition fee that the students who live in UAE have to find has been increased. As a result, the students will have to spend a higher amount of money to meet their living expenses when compared to the previous year. Moreover, the cost of living has also been increased significantly. As a result, students will find it increasingly difficult to meet the required cost of living while they study without securing some form of employment. Sometimes though, working can have a detrimental impact on student grades as time spent at work is less time spent on study.

Obtaining student loans have become tougher

To make the things even worse, obtaining student loans has become tougher for students who have to meet strict criteria in order to qualify for any form of government funding. This doesn’t just apply to native students; funding restrictions have been implemented for international students too.



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