Being a student in 2016 Vs 2017 in Tunisia

As the federal aid has been restored in Tunisia in 2017, there are hopes that the government will now work to improve education. The government has been working for many years to ensure that the students will get the best education. In particular emphasis has been placed on improving educational quality while also helping students understand their rights. As the situation within Tunisia has not improved like many other African states it is difficult to pay attention to education due to more pressing matters that have to be dealt with as a priority. That being said, the government are starting to look at educational reform.
Promoting higher education and training
The higher education and the training sessions have been improved. Many trainers are now hired from different countries to ensure that the students will get the required standard of tuition. Some of the main changes introduced in 2017 include:

  • Vocational training has been introduced in Tunisia
  •  With the promotion of education the literacy rate of Tunisia has reached up to 82% in 2017
  •  The authorities have been organising orientations to ensure that students can easily find their career
  •  Partnerships with universities in other nations have been strengthened
  • When it comes to training and educational programs, experts will be extensively evaluated before they secure employment

Development of a platform

Many new platforms have been developed for students in which they can participate. Students in their final year will have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and use the opportunity as a platform in which to showcase their skills and hopefully be recruited by the top companies in Tunisia.

Offering more programs

Some interesting programs that will be offered in Tunisia include:

  • Health Science
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Business
  • Political science

In 2017, the universities will be offering students with 100 more-degree course options.

Transportation cost
Public and private transportation costs have also been reduced for the students. However, students must ensure that they have the university card when they are traveling. Using this card will entitle them to a lower fare, making it easier and cheaper for them to attend university regularly.

Improving the facilities
Many unique facilities have been introduced for the students. Those living in the dorms will receive improved catering facilities so that they will not have to buy expensive food from outside. Living costs for students have also been reduced and some students are entitled to scholarships and grants where they are available. In 2017, the government has assured students that they will receive the access to internet and 43.8 percent internet accessibility has been enhance universities.

Bottom line
With the above improvements, students are now able to access an improved level of education. Every student has the right to study in the university of their choice and in comparison, with 2016, many new course options have been introduced, increasing the opportunities for students and allowing them to study in a number of different subject areas.

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