Being a student in 2016 Vs 2017 in the USA

During the past 12 months, the lives of students in the United States have changed significantly. This is mainly due to the election of Donald Trump as President and the new policies he has implemented since he came into office.

The decisions taken by Donald Trump have had a tremendous impact on student loans. One significant decision is privatisation in relation to student loans. They have now been handed over to credit unions, banks and other lenders making student loans and interest rates unaffordable for some.

The existing student loan repayment plans have also been changed in 2017. As a result, repayment of the loans has become much tougher for the students. Therefore, existing students will have to look for new methods in order to pay the student loans. The majority of Master’s Students who are working in the United States have obtained massive loans. As a result, they are extremely concerned and worried about the new changes. The current regime is also looking forward to restrict H1B visa to limit the employment opportunities that are available for the foreign students.

Students who are studying at the most prestigious universities in the United States such as MIT will be offered with fascinating salary packages, which range up to $90,000 per year upon graduation. However, the future of STEM students is impacted because of Trump administration. Changes have been introduced for the Optional Practical Training that is offered for the STEM students. With OPT, STEM students had the ability to stay in the United States for a period of 3 years after graduation, but there are proposals to reduce this timeframe. The negative consequences associated with this can create an impact on current students as well. As a result, they wouldn’t have any other option than going back to their native country. In other words, students who were planning to start their career in the United States may not achieve what they intended.

As you can see, the student life has changed significantly during the past 12 months. Foreign students who are in United States have heavily been impacted by the new changes. However, the native students are also dealing with a great deal of confusion.

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