Being a student in 2016 Vs 2017 in the UK – what has changed?

Students studying at UK universities have access to one of the world’s best education systems. All in all, student life in the UK is a positive experience. There are countless universities to choose from, an established higher education qualification framework and extensive learning materials and resources to facilitate higher education study.

In recent years there have been a number of changes to student education in the UK, particularly in the aftermath of Brexit and other regulations that have been introduced.

Being a Student in UK

Quality of staff and lectures

Generally, students in UK institutions in 2016 receive a high standard of tuition through lectures and online learning. Teaching staff in the UK are trained to an exceptionally high standard through a period of academic and vocational training. In addition, the quality of teaching is of a very high standard and university teachers have to reach exacting standards set by the government and the Education Department.

Personal Relationship with teaching staff

There were series of complaints by different students in 2016 that teaching staff are too strict and don’t give students the opportunity to freely relate with the teaching staff in their various area of learning. This has been improved upon as students attested to the fact that the personal relationship between students and teaching staff has increased tremendously in 2017.

The Passing of Higher Education and Research bill into law

A major change that occurs in UK’s education sector is the passing of Higher Education and Research bill into law. According to the UK government, this new Act is tailored towards opening the education’s sector for new providers. This will give better competition to universities around the country and more choices for students.

Helpful and Interested Staff

Most staff in UK institutions are very helpful and supportive to students. However, students survey in 2016 shows that sometimes some of these staff could be very strict and may not really want to assist them in curbing some of their challenges. In 2017, this problem has been rectified as a recent survey shows that most staff has been helpful and supportive, thereby making academy activities very easy and stress-free for students all over UK.

Stress and Huge Debt
Perhaps one of the main issues with studying in the UK is the cost. Not only are the tuition fees high, the cost of living is also expensive too. Many students will leave university thousands of pounds in debt as a result of obtaining student finance and a number of students have to work while they study so they can afford to live while they are at university.

Other than an increase in tuition fees in the UK, studying for a university degree is very much the same in 2017 than what it was in 2016. Each year the government are introducing new changes but hopefully these changes are for the better.



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