Being a student in 2016 vs 2017 in Taiwan – what has changed?

Students in Taiwan have witnessed a series of changes since 2016. Although many of these changes haven’t been significant, some new policies have been implemented and other changes have been made which have affected student life.
Delegation Seeks Students at Taiwan’s First Education Fairs in Myanmar
Taiwan’s ministry of education organised its first higher education fairs in July 2016, which saw a total of 36 Taiwanese institutions of higher education participate.
NTU participated in the event, in accordance with the government’s New Southbound Policy. The university wants to establish ties with NTU alumni in Myanmar, and also looking for outstanding international students to recruit.

Taipei student protest attracts police
On the day the school turned 70 years old, students celebrated it. However, all was not well as a group of students were seen protesting as the event went on. They were seen lowering two white banners which in Chinese reads: “Although the administration runs amok, the soul of the school will not be destroyed.” This attracted police after it was discovered that the lock of a power room has been changed and there were high fears that people have locked themselves inside.

Students in Taiwan are protesting against gender equality classes
There have been protests by students of a university in Taiwan against gender equality classes. This protest, according to the students, is because they fear that the gender equality classes will promote homosexuality. Some of the students stood outside the ministry of education and were protesting, asking for the guidelines in the classes of gender equality to be revised..
One of the demonstrators made it known that they aren’t against gender equality education, rather they are against educational curriculum that encourages homosexuality.
The protesters called for the “gender spectrum” module to be removed. This module takes only four hours in a semester.
The protesters made it known that students of elementary school are still growing up, and it is not proper to tell them that they can chose a gender identity that is not the same with their biological genders.
This protest was held nationwide, as there are many who oppose such curriculum.
However, there are some groups that are in support of the curriculum, and are counter protesting.



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