Being A Student In Somalia: 2016 vs 2017
– What Has Changed?

Considered to be a third world country, life for many in Somalia is difficult. It is tough to make ends meet, let alone find money to fund education. For some years, university education simply did not exist. However, in the last few decades, the government is gradually beginning to realise the benefits of an educated population. Young people were willing to work themselves out of poverty and build a better future for themselves and the country. The government is keen to introduce new improvement policies, and there is a consensus on working toward a better education system.

Developing higher education sectors
One of the main requirements for quality education is the creation of excellent universities and student accommodation, but most universities were lacking in some areas.
The Education Ministry passed a bill and secured approval for funding relating to the development of higher education. In 2017 alone, a total of 44 new higher education institutions were inaugurated in Somalia.

Spreading awareness by educating the whole family
– In a survey, it was found that most parents do not agree with sending their children to university.
– Many parents believe that their children will not have sufficient prospects once they graduate from university
– New regulations have been approved which enable entire families to attend classes on a weekend
– These classes aim to increase awareness about the importance of higher education

More female heads and teachers
The majority of universities are recruiting female teachers to tutor university students. It is hoped that the teachers who have been appointed will equip students with valuable life skills that they need to succeed beyond university.

Renovating the educational institutes
Many of the older universities were in a state of disrepair and conditions were less than ideal. The government have allocated funds to commence a period of refurbishment and regeneration.

The majority of universities in Somalia are private. However, the government are encouraging the development of universities which are affiliated with international places of study which will improve the quality of education. Many books and learning materials have been imported from overseas which aim to improve education for all university students.

Bottom line
Student bodies are working with the government to gradually improve and evolve university study for students. There have been several improvements between 2016 and 2017 and standards continue to rise. With continued hard work and dedication to improving education in Somalia it is hoped that one day, it will become a place which attracts numerous national and international students from across the world.

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