Being A Student In Singapore: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

The Singaporean government have been working for many years to improve prospects for students and the educational system in general to ensure that they will have a bright future. Many new reforms have been introduced in 2017 in an attempt to encourage more students to embark on programmes of study at higher education level. The main changes that have been introduced include:

Ease of Transportation
One of the main barriers to attending university on a regular basis is transport. Reliability and cost are two main factors. To ensure as many students as possible can attend university, the government have created a dedicated transport system which students can rely on to transport them to and from university.

As well as increased reliability, students will be given some great discounts on the transportation network, allowing them to travel at an affordable price. To make it even more cost-effective, students can purchase monthly and annual bundles that will allow them to travel at a reduced rate.

Student loans
Students who would like to attend university are often deterred due to the rising costs of study. Many students in Singapore can access a student grant. This funding is available for: Students who cannot afford to continue their education without support from the grant. This funding will be directly from the government and universities

Most students are now able to work part-time to generate a recurring income which they can use to repay their tuition fees. Some students who apply for grants will receive a low-interest rate so when they graduate and secure employment it is easier to repay the finance.

The majority of students who study in Singapore are from overseas. Since 2016 there has been a marked increase in the number of students who have enrolled in Singapore, and this is primarily due to changes in educational rights.

The government are working to introduce technology into universities, so students have the same learning experiences as those studying in other countries. They hope that every student will have a valuable degree which will be internationally recognised and they will possess the skills they require to enter the world of work.



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