Being A Student In Saudi Arabia: 2016 vs 2017
– What Has Changed?

Saudi Arabia is witnessing dramatic and unexpected changes in the education system that will positively affect the lives of students in the coming years. New rules have been created for 2017 to overcome some of the problems that occurred up to and including 2016, and to develop the Saudi education system to bring it in line with developed countries.

Before 2016, Saudi education has depended on conservation rather than development. Students, therefore, had not been afforded the opportunity to improve their education. However, in 2017, the government made positive steps toward improving the education system within Saudi Arabia. These changes include:

• A reduction in the number of subjects across all stages preceding university education with full development of all curricula in a way that keeps pace with educational curricula in developed countries.
• Increasing the use of technology in education and incorporating more digital learning into university courses.
• The allocation of a substantial budget of more than 200 billion riyals from the treasury of Saudi Arabia to develop curricula and the method of education in 2017.
• Develop teachers so that their thinking fits with the new curricula and so they can improve the level of students.

How students’ hopes changed between 2016 and 2017:

Additional universities are being opened so more students can enrol in higher education and work is continuing to encourage females into higher education. There are also provisions being made for students who are interested in missions. The government have increased the number of foreign missions with suitable budgets for students.

The measures Saudi Arabia are currently undertaking are not aimed at a temporary development in 2017 but are aimed at a greater goal; a plan to reap the benefits by 2030. The Saudi government have also developed plans to increase the effectiveness of vocational training and the use of modern technologies to support the education system on continuous development.

Extra conferences and scientific exhibitions aim to improve university education in 2017. Ultimately, the government is committed to equipping students with a diverse range of skills and preparing them for work once they graduate.

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