Being A Student In Russia: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Russia offers one of the best education systems to both native and international students. This is mainly because students have some of the best rights that are not otherwise available in many other countries. What’s more, each year, new rights are introduced to afford greater privileges to students. The government are well aware that the country’s future is dependent on youth, so investment in education is important. Quality education is accessible at every university in Russia.

Funding and scholarships

The Russian government understands that many students are unable to support their education and many quit studying to work and support their family. In 2017, many new scholarship programs have been started in every university.

• Students will get the scholarships based on their academic results so they can easily study at the university they prefer
• The funds and student grants will have lower interest rates so students can easily pay them back
• The children of lower class families are 67% better off through the grants, and they will not have to work during their study years

Improved living conditions

The living conditions for the students have improved in 2017 within both university-based dormitories and privately rented apartments. The government realise the importance of providing high-quality accommodation so students can focus on their studies. That being said, meals are particularly expensive, but the government are taking proactive steps to increase the quality but reduce the cost of meals that are served at the university.

Better examination system

The examination system in the universities of Russia has recently been improved. To ensure that deserving students secure employment and graduate with their chosen degree, the written examination system has been replaced with a verbal system in many universities. Many students have to work harder to secure the grades that they need.

One of the major advantages between 2016 and 2017 is the range of facilities available to students. In 2016, students could access a range of on-campus resources, but recently more facilities have been introduced off-campus which allows students to develop their work based skills improving their prospects of success in the world of work once they graduate.



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