Being A Student In Qatar: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Qatar is a Muslim state where Islamic education had more importance than traditional forms of university education. This may be one of the reasons why the country has not progressed as well as some other countries regarding its education system.

Nevertheless, the student body in Qatar has recognised the need to progress so they can compete with the rest of the world and be considered as a developed country. To transform the system, the educational ministry were urged to bring about some reforms to the current education network, and as a result, several reforms were introduced in 2017.

Major investment in education
The first and perhaps most important step that has been taken by the government of Qatar is that they are now investing in the education. In 2017, many changes have taken place such as:
• More universities have been constructed which allows more students to enrol in university.
• Institutions with co-education have been introduced Teachers are invited from the other states, and they are offered attractive packages to teach at universities in Qatar
• More technology has been incorporated into university life both to aid learning and to improve university operations.

Improving the quality of education
One of the most significant changes to education has been improvements to the quality of education. Learning resources from overseas have been imported to provide students with a quality learning experience. Teachers are also being encouraged to write their own material, so students have both quality and diversity in their education.

Better facilities for students
It has been announced in 2017 that students will get better facilities so that they can continue their education.
• Investment is being ploughed into student accommodation creating better living spaces for students when they are not at university.
• The educational ministry is working to reduce the transportation costs of the students
• Technology is being used increasingly in education to enrich the learning process.

Introduction of student protection programs
The government in 2017 has introduced a student protection program. Where students cannot fund their own studies, they can apply for a student protection programme or a grant. These grants are very similar to loans but they have a much lower interest rate. Once students are in secure employment, they will start to repay the finance.

Bottom line
With the help of the education ministry, students are now able to select a program at their preferred choice of university. 2017 so far has certainly been a year of progress in terms of education. More students have enrolled into university, and an increasing number of international students are choosing Qatar to study.

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