Being A Student In Puerto Rico: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Puerto Rico is a notable country for many reasons. The country has a strong reputation for graduate engineers. Many engineers in the USA have graduated from universities in Puerto Rico. There have been a number of educational changes between 2016 and 2017 which are outlined in this guide.

Strike and shut down in the university activities

Puerto Rico is well known for its recurring strikes that occur at least once every three years. The most recent strike was in May 2017, when students embarked on a strike over increases in tuition fees. The university was already in debt, and they sought a way to address this, and the only way that they could think of was to increase tuition fees.

Reduction in schooling activities

University life was relatively quiet in 2016 with few strikes or action by students. However, with the announcement about the fees in 2017, protests began, and university study was brought to a halt as a result. The strike also had a direct impact on university research activities which are crucial in creating and publishing research and findings for the country.

Charity funding

After the government of Puerto Rico observed that the increase in tuition fees would not work, they came up with an alternative method of sourcing funds. Citizens were asked to donate a proposed amount of $20 to clear the debt.

More assistance from the government

In 2017, the amount of assistance that the government has promised to put into helping the students of Puerto Rico has doubled compared to 2016. The university is now committed to ensuring that it can produce some of the most highly qualified and skilled students and for this, the government is providing its full support.



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