Being A Student in Norway: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Norway’s higher education is in strong demand due to the considerable investment that the government makes in education and its commitment to maintaining exceptionally high standards. This means the country is also popular with international students primarily due to its tuition-free courses.

1- Accommodation will change for the worse

Student accommodation has always been one of the major concerns of students in Norway. Instead of improving, it is changing for the worse. According to Marianne Andenaes, leader of Norwegian student organisation, student housing is not keeping the pace with the increase in student population. Only 15% of the total student population are able to secure housing on campus. Those who do not manage to secure student accommodation have to find expensive private rentals not on campus.

2- Finance

The cost of living in Norway has always been high compared to some other countries. Coupled with the accommodation problems, many students will choose to work part-time to cover expenses thus having less time to study.

3- Norway national policy on education to improve quality

In a memo from the Ministry of Education, the ministry highlights some of their major policies to further improve the quality of learning in the country. In conjunction with higher institutions, the Ministry of Education is aiming to attain good learning outcomes relevant to the actual needs in every field. Its actions will be focused on:

– Tailoring the Norwegian education to the council of Europe’s main goals concerning higher education
– Entrepreneurship
– Action-oriented education for sustainable development

4- Ban on full day veils in universities in Norway

Norway’s Ministry of Education and Research said in a statement that Niqab and Burqa clothes, worn by some women prevent good communication; an important factor in education. This statement comes in support to a proposed ban on full-face veils in universities, schools and nurseries.
Though this ban is supported by most people, some still question the necessity of such change as full-face veils are not worn widely in Norway.

Despite all those changes that will put higher education, Norway is still one of the best palaces for foreign studies. The country is constantly evolving to improve the quality of their education system. The current tuition fee free model is very popular and continues to encourage students to participate in higher education.

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