Being A Student in Nepal: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Education in Nepal has evolved significantly during the 20th century, but it is still facing a number of problems. The main issue is poverty. The current education system is based on traditional Indian learning methods which include ten years of school education followed by four years in college. As the years have progressed, literacy rates have improved, and universities have been introduced. However, there is still a long way to go before it can compete with countries such as the UK.

UNESCO Working for Education in Nepal
UNESCO has highlighted pertinent issues with the education system in Nepal and expressed the need for investment. ROTA has assigned a $3.5 billion investment for education in Nepal, and 50,000 students have benefitted so far in 2017.

Increasing Student Numbers
In 2016 9,662 Nepali students were enrolled in American universities and in 2017, this increased by 7%. The US has reported that an increasing number of young people from Nepal are choosing university study. This can only be a good sign because it indicates that interest in academic study is increasing. US Embassy consular officers have also shared information about how the students can be better prepared to make the right course choices.

Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Development (CERID)
CERID is a leading research and educational institute for the improvement of the educational system in Nepal. Its primary goals are to carry out research activities focus on linking education to development as well as organising training programs, arranging seminars to provide assistance on higher education, organising workshops and publishing periodic journals and research reports.

Nepal Student Accommodation
Nepal’s Education System is no doubt improving day by day in 2017, but the accommodation facilities are not adequate. No steps have been taken to improve accommodation, and with many large universities such as the Tribhuvan University featuring their own hostels and accommodation arrangements, there is still room for improvement.

Educational Innovation in 2017
There have been a number of innovations to education in 2017 including the Education Innovation Conference which aims to combine practical and theoretical study methods. There are also a number of other trade shows and events planned to encourage participation in education.



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