Being A Student In Malaysia: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

The value of education is increasing around the globe, and every year various changes are made to improve standards of education, the range of courses and the financial responsibilities associated with university study. Some of these changes are implemented to enhance student prospects while others are made to improve access to education.

Living cost for students

Living costs in Malaysia are quite high, and it can be difficult for students to fund their studies. Nevertheless, for national and international students, some support is available. The cost of living in areas surrounding the university is relatively low, particularly if students opt for accommodation in student halls of residence. Furthermore, students can now access scholarships that will ease the financial pressures associated with university study.


Students who are living at home with their family can travel to the university using special public transport which was introduced by the government. It is hoped that by improving transportation for students, more will attend classes regularly and pursue their full course of academic study.

  • Students will be given special discounts to use transportation if they use a student card the transportation if they travel with the student’s card
  • They can buy special monthly and yearly packages that will allow them to travel at a lower cost
  • The transportation is well connected that will enable students to reach their required destination easily.

Work Permit

Students are not being allowed to work during their studies as it is thought combining work with study has a detrimental impact on their performance. Students are free to work during the summer vacation but to do so, they will require a work permit.

The Malaysian government is working hard to provide students with a high-quality education. They are implementing strategies to bring Malaysian education in line with the standards seen in the UK and USA.



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