Being A Student In Lebanon: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Lebanon is located in one of the most politically tense regions in the world. The current situation has not only impacted on locals, but it has also had a detrimental impact on the number of international students choosing the country as a place to study.

Living Standard                    

There is a clear divide between the rich and the poor in Lebanon. It is not uncommon to see luxurious villas on one side of the city and slums on the other. In recent years there has been an increase in unrest in the country coupled with rising inflation, all of which have served to further worsen the situation for citizens and students.


When the peace of a country is threatened by internal and external problems, there are not many chances that the state will take responsibility if you suffer any kind of loss. Current students state that they need to be wary, particularly when they venture out of the university due to the high crime rates. Transportation is also poor, and in some areas, you may have to spend hours sitting in traffic jams creating an ideal opportunity for muggings to take place.

That being said, most of the universities do take action to ensure that the students do not face any such difficulties at least on campus.

Quality of Education

The unrest in the country, on the whole, has certainly resulted in many of the well-renowned professors of major universities trying to get away from the country. However, as luck may have it, students are satisfied with the quality of education they get because the State realises it cannot afford to lose out on an advantage of a recognised education system it has over many other countries in the central region of Asia. Students are hoping that somehow 2017 ends on a higher note and that life becomes relatively more peaceful.



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