Being A Student In Kosovo: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Education is fundamental to any society, and it is one of the main ways in which troubled countries build a better future. Good quality education not only creates employment opportunities, but it also acts as the building blocks for social and economic advancement. Education is really important in Kosovo particularly due to its turbulent past. The government are taking a number of positive steps to improve educational provision.

Structural Reform
In an attempt to enhance standards of education the government have implemented a new curriculum and introduced new learning resources and technologies. In particular, there has been emphasis placed on enhancing competency, equipping schools with Information Technology and teaching aids, improving the quality of textbooks, and above all, developing the quality of teaching at all levels of the education system. The reform looks into preparing teachers to engage students in practical project-based learning activities designed to promote a full range of competencies.
Particular attention is being paid to the use of ICT in schools because modern day society relies on technology in so many areas.

Inclusive Education
Although this was in the focus in 2016, the government has demonstrated a commitment to becoming more proactive towards inclusive education. There are several strategies to be implemented which aim to improve inclusive education in pre-school environments. This is because pre-school is a crucial period for child development and sets students up for life.

Building on the strategies from 2016, the government has committed to making further improvements for 2017.

Government Budget
Due to the current financial situation, there is currently no room to improve the budget allocated to education in 2017. As a result, this will have a direct impact on education and students.

Although there are a number of challenges in Kosovo in terms of bringing education in line with other countries, there have been a number of projects focusing on quality education. Most notably, the USAID’s Design Challenge aims to create opportunities for students to showcase their skills.

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