Being A Student In Israel: 2016 vs 2017
– What Has Changed?

Over the years, interest in education has continued to increase.and attending school has become a normal routine in the world today. When it comes to university study, some people want to experience new cultures and ways of life and combining study at a university overseas is an ideal way to do this. In recent times, universities and colleges in Israel have been popular choices for students from other countries who want to study abroad.

Often this is because Israel has such a good reputation when it comes to research or internship opportunities. Many things have changed in Israel in the space of a year with different policies and procedures as well as a number of challenges.

Improved Outcomes in education: Generally, the outcomes of education in Israel have been inadequate compared to other developed nations around the world. The situation became worse in 2016 when it was identified that graduates from some schools in Israel have low skills and they were likely to hold insecure and low-paid jobs. However, the outcome has greatly improved in 2017 with the intervention of Israeli government. Funds were targeted at schools where the quality of education was low and key structural reforms were launched. These reforms were delivered to ensure that basic skills were taught.

Gain real-world work experience while schooling: In 2016, studying and schooling was not easy in Israel. This has been a challenge for some students’ especially those from overseas who need to work to fund their study. In 2017 Lirom Global Education created an opportunity for international students to receive education in Israel while gaining real-world work experience. With this initiative, international students can easily get money to finance their day to day living costs while being able to attend university. More institutions are introducing similar programs. There are indications that before the end of 2017 many institutions in Israel will embrace this initiative.

More Research Opportunities: In 2016 students in higher institutions had opportunity for research, but 2017 offers more promising opportunities. This is because of the fact that some companies specialising in technical innovation are partnering with institutions in Israel for joint research work. A recent partnership between Wipro and Tel Aviv University developed a research project to explore artificial intelligence. This partnership will enable students in the school to benefit from a real-life research experience in fast developing technologies.

A series of changes in education have only served to improve learning for students and encourage more young people to participate in higher education.

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