Being A Student In Gibraltar: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Gibraltar, an important British Overseas Territory, has become a key point in “Brexit” talks and this has far-reaching effects for its university students in 2017. HM Government of Gibraltar has initiated several reforms to provide world-class education to its youth.

Gibraltar follows the British education system for University level and until very recently, in 2016 all students were sent to the UK for university education. The University of Gibraltar was established to provide education within the country.

Some highlights of 2017 and some significant developments that will affect university students are

Availability of Scholarships: The University of Gibraltar is now offering Commonwealth Scholarships that cover all tuition and other expenses for a position in PhD programmes.

Increased Availability of Loans: To ensure that those who are interested in seeking education in the UK, the government in Gibraltar has increased the number of loans to university students in 2017. These loans are fully reimbursed by the government to students. In 2017, so far 206 university students are pursuing education.

Centre of Excellence in Gibraltar: University students will benefit from exposure to international trade and finance as United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has decided to set up a Centre of Excellence to focus on research and analysis.

University Educators for Sustainable Development (UE4SD):  The University of Gibraltar has initiated UE4SD a program to train Gibraltar university students in thinking with a global perspective and having skills that can allow them to take up employment worldwide.

While there have been some really positive changes, Brexit has been on the mind of many students.

Brexit Issues: Gibraltar university students, however, are now facing uncertainty in 2017 as the UK has decided to leave European Union. The decision to remain with the UK or not will significantly affect the university students. Officials from Department of Education are certain that Gibraltar will not allow the students to face difficulties in case a negative option is considered by UK and EU over this region.

To conclude, Students here are quite fortunate to have strong support from government and save for the ongoing “Brexit” negotiations, they have had a comfortable 2017 as their education expenses have been borne by the government.



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