Being A Student In China: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Many international students move to China for the fascinating educational opportunities that are available for them in the country. On the other hand, a massive number of native students are also studying at the universities that can be found in the country. The education system of China has gone through few significant changes in 2017 when compared to 2016.

Educational opportunities are rising.

From a recent study, it was identified that a new university is being opened in China every single week. This can be considered as a silent revolution that takes place within the country. During 2016, native Chinese students experienced a great deal of uncertainty due to the unavailability of spaces in university. Not only this, but many universities did not have sufficient resources and facilities and accommodation to handle student demand. As a result, necessary steps were taken to establish new universities and open doors to more Chinese students to engage in higher education. We can see now see the results of those efforts. In other words, a new university is now being opened in China every single week. This opens up a variety of opportunities not just for the native students, but also for the international students.

Educational institutions receive the support of government
To accommodate the increasing number of students, the government of China has allocated a higher amount of money for education in 2017, when compared to 2016. This can directly contribute towards the quality of education that is offered for all the students in the country. From another study, it was identified that China produces twice more graduates than the United States. This clearly shows the opportunities that are available for the students who are studying in China. We can expect this amount to increase in future, especially due to the introduction of new universities. The stats predict that the number of graduates that the country produces at the moment would be increased by about 50% within the next 15 years.

Work permits
Part-time work permits are now being provided for the students who are studying at the universities of China. Even though they cannot work and cover their tuition expenses, they are in a position to fund the other day to day expenses through part-time work opportunities. Due to the availability of a large number of factories within China, plenty of part-time work is available for the students to consider as well.
With all these factors, we can conclude that China is one of the best destinations available for the students to continue with their studies. They have been provided with plenty of opportunities in 2017, regardless of the huge population and demands on the education system.



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