Being A Student In Canada: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

The Canadian Government announced in 2016 that they would be introducing some changes to student rights. In 2017, many new reforms have been introduced that will allow more students to participate in the educational activities. Even the rules for the international students who want to study in Canada have changed.

Here are some of the recent changes that have been done by the government.

Permanent residency
In 2017, it has been announced that university students will get permanent residency. To some students, this is a blessing, particularly those international students who have left their homelands to build a better future for themselves. Most notably, it has been announced that; Students who successfully complete a year of a two-year program will achieve 15 points.

The completion of a full two years of undergraduate study will result in 30 points

Students who are offered employment will achieve anywhere between 50 and 200 points.

No need to have a work permit
In 2016, students required a work permit to do a job so that they could pay for their tuition and meet their other expenditure. However, this rule has changed for 2017, and the requirement to obtain a work permit has now been removed.

In Canada, students will be allowed to perform part-time jobs off campus and or secure full-time employment when they are free during the summer vacation. This will enable students to develop valuable work-based skills.

Tax Credits
The federal government have decided to end the four child tax credits that currently cover fitness, art, textbooks and education. Tax credits from previous years can still be used.

More assistance
Students will receive further assistance in the form of a Canadian Student Grant. Those who belong to the low or middle-income family will receive 67% more benefit when they apply for the grants. Depending on their requirements they will get the financial assistance that they require from the University.

It is anticipated that the prospects for students studying in Canada will continue to improve. The recent changes that the government have introduced aim to encourage students from overseas to study at Canadian universities.

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