Being A Student in Armenia: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

Armenia is an excellent place for students to pursue higher education because the living expenses are quite reasonable. Yet, while the living expenses are affordable, it is perhaps not the best European country to choose if you are looking for a university that offers academic excellence. Beginning in 2016, Armenia has introduced some changes in the laws on outsiders which have benefitted students a little, however, the standard of education has remained very much unchanged.

Standard of Living

Life in Armenia for students was easy in 2016 and has been made even easier in 2017. Household expenses for an average individual in a city amount to around $300, whereas if you decide to live on the outskirts, you can lower your cost to around $50 per month! That depends on how you change your lifestyle; preferring home-cooked food over restaurants, and cutting down on free spending.

Students have found it really easy to get by on less in Armenian cities and that even if you are living at some of the best hostels they offer, the cost of living will not be as high as it is if you go to the Western side of Europe.


Ever since the troubles that the country experienced in the post-Cold War era, the country has made a remarkable recovery. The national defence forces, local store owners and state agents are all welcoming to visitors and tourists to Armenia. Some students have defined that the treatment is almost ‘royal’. 2017 has seen an upward trend in the security of the life and belonging of the students in Armenia which has increased the number of applicants to universities.

Transportation highlights that transportation constitutes roughly 10% of the expense of an average student in Armenia. This is because the majority do not take cars out on a rental agreement and overseas students rarely purchase their own cars. Students have also stated that the transport system isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things and the standards of transportation have remained consistent, rather than declining or improving.

Student Activities and Jobs

There are numerous activities and things to do in Armenia to take a break from studying. With prices as low as $2, you can attend most of the performances held in the cities. In 2017, cultural activities have been increased which has created greater appeal.

If you wish to work during your studies in Armenia, this often doesn’t pose a problem. Work permits are relatively easy to obtain, particularly if you apply for a ten-year residency and you are enrolled as a student. Many businesses welcome students, which is great if you are looking to gain some work experience while you study. All things considered, Armenia is not a bad choice for university study in 2017.



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