Being A Student In Algeria: 2016 vs 2017 – What Has Changed?

In Algeria, education has been one of the major priorities for the government. The education system has gone through a number of changes which have created the system which currently exists.

In an attempt to improve the prospects for university students, the Algerian government have assigned one-quarter of its national budget to raise educational standards. The government consider education to be the best way to eradicate poverty, address the income inequalities and improve the social wellbeing of its citizens.
In recent times several policies have been implemented to facilitate access to education.

• 85 percent of students are granted a scholarship: This scholarship is specifically reserved for students who attend a tertiary institution in Algerian universities and are unable to sponsor themselves.
• Free Room: Free accommodation is made available for university students in Algeria. Providing student accommodation increases the likelihood of students being able to access education.
• Transportation: Despite the current economy of Algeria and the world at large, the government have put in place strong systems to ensure that students are transported from home to university and back again. The provision of transportation increases the likelihood of students attending university on a regular basis.
• Financial Support: Algerian students have access to financial support in the form of grants or bursaries.

These government initiatives are increasing opportunities for students to access university study in Algeria while maintaining a good standard of living. Ultimately, each year, the government are introducing additional changes which ensure that the lives of students on campus improve. Rather than worrying about finding somewhere to live and funding their studies, students can focus on their course and achieve excellence in their chosen degree course.

The government are also committed to implementing a range of other policies which include the introduction of medical services and catering.

Since 2016, there has been a range of positive changes in Algeria’s education system and as the new academic year approaches, more students are realizing the benefits of studying for a degree and the prospects that this can bring.



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