Referencing Guide

Every piece of work you produce for us has to be referenced correctly. An outstanding paper can become worthless without the correct referencing. Clients would not be able to locate the sources you used, which is one of the main uses our papers have.
You may find the following points on correct referencing helpful:

  • You must use a minimum number of sources depending on the level of work being produced.
  • Support everything you say and do not assume anything is known.
  • Please note the client’s preferred referencing style in the request. If they do not state a preference please use the Harvard referencing system as standard (Harvard page numbers – Direct Quotes only)
  • Check if the client has specified ‘essential sources’.
  • Ensure your references relate to the primary topic.
  • Use as many of the ‘requested sources’ the client specifies as possible.

The quality of the work we supply is important to us and we take no pleasure in applying penalties, but we will issue a penalty to any writer who does not reference their work correctly. This may be because it is in the incorrect style, they failed to reference the paper, the paper contained inadequate referencing or the paper did not contain the requested texts from the client.

Up to 5,000 wordsAt least 10 references per 1,000 words
Over 5,000 wordsAt least 5 references per 1,000 words

The Harvard system of referencing includes the author’s surname and year of publication in the body of the paper. Then in the reference list at the end of the paper it will include further details, such as the title, publisher and page number if requested by the client or in all cases for direct quotes.
Referencing in the body of the text may be cited in different ways depending on the context of the sentence or paragraph you are writing, and whether there is more than one author.
To get started, record all the documents you use and make a note of who is responsible for the document i.e. author, organisation, when it was published or made available, the title, page numbers and finally the website address if relevant.
Our guide for referencing is available by clicking on the link below.

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