Plagiarising is the unauthorised and unreferenced use of work by another author/writer, with the intention of representing it as your own.
As a company we do not condone plagiarism, and in the same way universities will we take all related matters very seriously. Any writer who is found plagiarising will have their contract terminated immediately and will not be paid for the plagiarised assignment(s).
Our company relies on good recommendations from existing clients. We strive to deliver original, good quality papers from writers who are well educated in their specialist areas. A client who receives a plagiarised assignment will understandably be dissatisfied with a paper as it is not what they have paid for. This will result not only in the loss of their future custom but also any other potential custom we could have received from their friends and associates. It is therefore in everybody’s best interests to never plagiarise and to uphold our respected and trusted reputation.
To avoid the possibility of plagiarising, or being accused of plagiarising, it is important that you record every resource you have used to complete an assignment in the reference list, even if you have not taken any direct quotes from them. This will not only benefit the client, as they will have a wider variety of references to use for further research, but ensures that you are not seen as trying to conceal the use of a reference. When you do use a direct quote from a source please ensure that you insert quotation marks and reference it correctly (within the text and also in the bibliography).
If you are suspected of plagiarism you are required to submit a report explaining how you completed the piece of work in question.
This should address the paper as a whole, as well as any sections or chapters that have been specifically highlighted as areas of suspected plagiarism.
Once we have received your report we will investigate the matter before reaching a conclusion. Our decision is final, as are and the resulting consequences.
Plagiarism will result in hours of wasted work for you (as you will not be paid for the plagiarised work) and termination of your employment with our company. It is simply not worth it.

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